A quick make & a big whinge…

I’m sure you are as sick of hearing about how sick I am as I am about telling you – but we all know whinging makes you feel very slightly better, as you snuggle under a blanket of self pity… so skip the next paragraph if you just can’t bear anymore!


…but seriously, this is ridiculous. The mysterious pain has returned, and  quite frankly, it hurts, or seems to hurt, worse than ever…. to the point that I have been awake since 4am, can’t sit, stand or lie comfortably, can’t bend over or stand up straight. You’ll tell me to go to the Doctor, but, I won’t. I have been to the Doctor about this. I have been to emergency about this. I have even had a small procedure in hospital that ‘they’ thought might relieve this, only weeks ago. They don’t know what it is. Of course I don’t know what it is. I thought maybe it was the wheat thing – but I have been eating wheat & gluten normally now for a few weeks without issue, until yesterday… is it possible to only get (severe, bring tears to your eyes) pain with an incredible build up of wheat or whatever over time?? I don’t know, and I’m frustrated, upset, and ridiculously uncomfortable. My temper is short and I’m feeling so down, because I know that even when the pain goes (please go soon!) it will be back and again I will have no recourse. *sigh*


Despite feeling like death warmed up, I still wanted to make something today. I didn’t want to let the pain dictate to me, I didn’t want to fail the promise I made to myself more than anything, to get back on the creating train. I thought I’d cheat though, and make something that didn’t actually require any physical effort – an animation for My Poppet’s Animation Friday which I have been meaning to do, but when I popped over to have another look at how to do it, I saw her post about knitting needles, with a link to these knitting needle bracelets, and I thought “That looks easy enough”. I have been meaning to make these for ages, they were in a magazine – maybe even Better Homes & Gardens, about a zillion years ago, and I have been collecting colourful knitting needles just because…


They were quick (so quick they’re still wet in the photos!), they were easy and that is my making done for today. They are bright & made me smile. They are even keeping Le Punk occupied while I type which is great, because I certainly don’t have the energy, poor love.


  1. I hope you feel better really, really soon Miss Vic.
    LOVE those bracelets. LOVE!! So ace.

  2. I can't imagine how frustrating it is to be in mysterious pain like that. The frustration would almost be worse than the pain. I hope they find a cause and a solution for you soon. Are you taking some good painkillers? Hope so.

    The bracelets look great! Do you just heat them? Skip that, I'll pop over to My Poppet and check it out.

    Be well.

  3. Love your bracelets. You will be able to knit gloves in the round!

    Don't take no for an answer from your doctor - you shouldn't be rolling round in pain at 4am! If you suspect its something you are eating, maybe your doctor could refer you to a dietician? Some of their tests are non-invasive, simple breath tests.

    Good luck!

  4. I hope it goes away soon Vic.
    Mysterious pain, grrr.
    Big Hugs for you!

  5. Oh that's just crap :-( The doctor's always want to seem to know what's going on but when it comes to pregnancy and side effects, they can be just at a loss. Hormone's are tricky things. I'd suggest asking at a midwifery clinic if there's one close by, or an "alternative" therapist of your choice. While that type of pain is not normal, when it comes to hormones anything goes. Did the docs happen to check hormone levels for something out of whack (more so than is usual in pregnancy) when they were investigating you? If nothing else I hope it settles down once baby arrives.

  6. I agree with Leonie & Liesl, maybe try again. you shouldn't be in that much pain should you.
    saw those bracelets, very cool. I'd make them but my kids would probably still jab their eyes out with them.
    hope you are better soon ♥

  7. Love those bracelets, Such a simple but effective idea.
    Get specialist help with that pain. Doctors mean well but they don't know everything and being in continuous pain really wears you down.

  8. Gee Vic, I hope you are pain free and feeling well very soon. You poor thing.
    The bracelets are gorgeous. Really !

  9. Hugs to you. go away and stay away, nasty pain x

  10. oh your blog is lubbly jubbly!
    i enjoy the happy snaps and fancy finds immensely.
    thanks for the inspiration!
    you're wonderful x x

  11. Hugs for you Vic I really hope you can get this sorted out xxx love the bracklets too

  12. I can relate to your post, Vic. As I told you in the mail, I've got a pain, too. It's in my buttocks area, and I don't know where it comes from. But I carried a heavy cabinet upstairs some weeks ago, so maybe...?

    I understand that you've had enough of doctors, but please go see another one. Unfortunately there are so many doctors out there that I would declare as incompetent. But somewhere somebody is excellent at their job, and may help you. (Sidenote: Our daughter has seen three different paediatricians since her birth, the last one is nice, but we're still searching for an excellent one.)

    You'll never find out if you stay at home!

    P.S.: Imagine the origin for your pain would be something really bad, something you could die of (just theoretically, of course) - wouldn't you want to say that you've done everything to stay around and be there for your kids?

  13. I hope you can get to the bottom of being sick. Being sick really sucks and is exhausting.
    I bought some knitting needle bracelets like yours a few months ago,I adore them. I had no idea they were so easy to make, so I am off to the oppy, and will make me some more :)

  14. I hope you are feeling better soon, I'm glad the bracelets were at least a small distraction from your pain. I haven't got around to making mine yet cos i'm all talk no action.
    Hope to see you around on animation friday some time
    xx cinti


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