Need VS Want


It was sunny again this morning, despite the weather forecasts, which meant I could get a bit more laundry done. Since this is day two of making something every day, I thought I’d get some washing on the line & then decide what to make a start on from my ever-growing ‘to do’ list. I was thinking maybe a pinnie for Le Punk or a top for me, or bunting maybe… but having to drop pegs on the ground to fit the clothes on the line made me realise that I really couldn’t do without a peg bag any longer…


…so I busted out Kelly Doust’s The Crafty Minx, found an opped tea towel that I had been “saving” (for what I don’t know…) & made one.


Of course, not long after I finished it the sky clouded over, the temperature dropped & rain loomed, but it’s all ready for the next sunny day, which I hope comes sooner rather than later. I love how the donkey looks to be peeking out… I totally planned that. *coughs*


PS, Just a quick note to bias binding; I frikkin hate you.



  1. Looks gorgeous, I love the tea towel! Next time you do binding sew it to the wrong side and then fold it over and top stitch the front...Youll end up with a perfect finish! Hmmm...I think I need a peg bag now!

  2. Oh that is super cute Vic. Mr B Binding isn't loved around here either. He must have a complex...

  3. A peg bag! Brilliant! I so need one of them too.
    Yours is super cute Ms Vic, donkey peeping out and all.

  4. i need a peg bag now!! and a little donkey and some nice green grass :)
    well done, bias binding and all.

  5. I wish I needed a peg bag (alas my clothes never get hung on the line)!
    It might be easier to use straight cut binding rather than bias cut binding to bind a straight edge like that... it also may prevent swearing hee hee.

  6. You had a great creative day today Vic. The peg bag is so cute, clever you.

  7. Superb - love it, and your bias binding looks profesh!

  8. Beautiful ... hearty congrats ;-)

  9. Ooh, I love it! If the Mr. hadn't chopped down my laundry line, I'd make one too!

  10. I love this...I am so glad we don't hang our laundry but then I see stuff like this and I get a big jealous..CUTE!

  11. So cute! I love a good peg bag! And yeh, It's a very fine line between love and hate with bias binding for me. Love the look, hate the process.

  12. Love your new donkey peg bag! Hope it makes hanging washing more enjoyable! I hate hanging wet washing but I love using bias binding 'cos it makes my edges look so much neater.

  13. Cute!

    I'd love to join you in making one thing a day, but since I'm ill and stressed out, I believe this is not going to happen... poor me... :(


  14. That is ace. Oh and I hear you about the bias binding!

  15. Love it Vic! And doesn't that book simply rock!! Bias binding is such a pain in agree...maybe we could come up with a self adhering one...like double sided tape. Mmm I'm feeling an entrepreneurial moment coming on :)


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