Rockabye Baby.

I do love the interwebs. Looking for one thing always, ALWAYS, leads to another, and you find things you never knew you needed, that’s how looking for nicer preggo clothes turned into window shopping for bubba clothes which led me then to these CDs which I most assuredly do NEED.


Rockabye Baby – lullaby renditions of baby’s favourite rock bands.





My favourites; Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails & Metallica.


  1. We're fond of Vitamin String Quartet for reimagined pop/rock. Plus if you go to iTunes you can just download the songs you want and skip all the filler!

  2. this is sic! thanks for the link, i emailed to my partner and now he's listening to them all - an we have no intention of having kiddies!!

    ps the robots look wicked, you know what you could do? get them cutout at a laser cutter in vinyl to stick to the wall...

  3. Zeb had the Bjork one, twas cool...must try and find it again...he now listens to RRR.
    (gotta start 'em young!)

  4. We were talking about these last night at my sister's!! How's that for a small world event. Love them, love them, love them. So many have been done now they suit pretty much anyone's taste.

    The Robots are awesome yay for non-violent boys themes that aren't "commercial". Stick to your guns the robots are a real winner, my boys have checked them out and love the wheel on the bottom of the first one apparently it means the robot will be "super fast"


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