Bunting Baby!

God I love bunting. It is just ace. I don’t know if there is anything much that can’t be improved with a bit o’bunting, you can’t help but smile & feel a wee bit festive when you see it. Well I can’t, anyway…


Above: Such a simple idea but oh-so-effective. I adore this garland wall hanging from Pilli Pilli on Etsy.

Below: Damn this dress is gorgeous. Kate has some mad skillz in the creative sewing department… I’m jealous!


Below: *sigh* More spring-spiration, a gorgeous spring bunting tutorial from In Color Order.



Above: A crochet garland even I could manage, and that is saying something.

Below: I looooooooooooooooooooove Nic’s printed ‘Make Your Own Bunting’ panels – I think it would look great as it is, on the craft room wall, to inspire you to sew ridiculous amounts of bunting, to buntify your whole house, the backyard, the car… but she thinks you should, like, MAKE bunting out of it or something. Either/Or.


Have a festive (cold, dreary, line-up-with a bunch of others & lament the waste of paper… & hot air…) Saturday!


  1. I love bunting too, never fails to make me smile! I made some bunting for a friends tiny dormroom once, but stupidly didn't take a photo of it! Must make my little craft room some bunting soon!

  2. These are all so lovely,the bunting and that sweet bunting on linen. I think I can see some more bunting coming into my life.

  3. Too cute. I think the world would be a better place if there was more tasteful bunting like this everywhere... yep...I'd go for that.

  4. me too! and I was contemplating making some for this swap! :)

  5. I am too scared to make my first bunting, for fear of being addicted to it - bunting is ace :)

  6. oh so fun. Love the embroidered one! Didn't mean for that to rhyme.

  7. Awww, thanks so much for including my attempt to acpture the swingy, festive bunting feel.
    I've been agonising about making Arthur a prezzie when he pops out. How about I forget about him and make the Punkster a bunting dress?
    He wont mind.
    Colour theme for the flags?
    Hope you are having a happy one. X

  8. hey, did you see my freebie? bunting cards!


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