Great Weekend!


Heydeeho! I hope y’all had a great weekend, Punky & I certainly did! We stayed up late Friday night gorging on lollies & watching such classic DVDs as Peppa Pig & Charlie & Lola (we were going to camp in the lounge room but Miss P outlasted me & wanted to bounce off the walls so it was regular, calming bedrooms for all sometime around 11…) & snuck out in the morning to snuggle under the doona & watch ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’, which I thought was hilarious.


Yesterday was all about buckwheat pancakes for brekkie & a ‘park tour’ of 3 different parks & lunch out & about… So. Much. Fun.


I have decided to enjoy the last few months of just Punky & Me & do all the things it’ll be just that little bit harder to do when bubba#2 arrives….

Next week we’re even off to Melbourne for the night & some urban adventures, perhaps even a zoo jaunt… I do believe I’m more excited than the kiddo…!

Happy Monday all!


  1. Cute. I too am trying to savour some 'Izzy & Me' time before our bub arrives. I love the idea of a little late night slumber party... maybe minus the red snakes - Izzy would be awake until next week!

  2. ...hehehe... I let Punk choose the lollies... perhaps not the best choice for late-night snackies...!


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