Lost & Found.




  1. Awww. That is sad. What happened? Cherrie

  2. he he...oh should I not laugh? Just remembering. Same thing happened to my breasts (more melon than sausage tho') sadly, they never returned to normal size.

  3. I had a big laugh (sorry) I remember being 8 months pregnant in the height of summer having to buy a pair of men's thongs to get around the shopping centre. Did I mention they were men's???? My feet were so fat and swollen and painful. It may have been 15 years ago, but I still remember like it was yesterday!

  4. ohh no! yep, i hear you.
    I think I permanently grew about half a size in the feet...aswell as a few sizes everywhere else.
    put them up & enjoy the rain.

  5. My feet did the same thing ... and my ankles were awful too. So so so awful.
    Your body is telling you not to use them... so go lie down on the floor and put your feet up on the wall for a bit... and then just hang around.
    Sleeping with you feet elevated up a bit on a pillow can also help... I take it you are past the point where you will be comfortable in any position so why not try sleeping with your feet in the air too ;)

  6. Hope you find your feet soon after you meet your bundle.
    love the robots!!!!

  7. hehe love it!! Sometimes I feel that about my head, and I'm not pregnant.

  8. Hugs - it is all for a good reason (in the end:)

  9. How brilliantly random!

    We called my preggers feet 'Hobbit feet'. They were MASSIVE. I knew I had hit rock bottom when I found myself shoe shopping in the chemist.

    Poor you. x

  10. that is funny! but not but i love the way you posted that! :)

    noooo you will LOVE justine! You musn't know but she is my biggest girl crush ;) I think she is brilliant and would take her job in a heart beat if i could.

    we are going to her concert in october too and i can't wait!!!

    x rest those footsies


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