A Post of ‘Firsts’.

Today I made my first maternity shirt.

The first shirt for myself, ever, that wasn’t refashioned.

Today I re-threaded my dusty overlocker & got it stitching moderately okay for the first time, without the manual.

Today, for the first time, I didn’t give up at the first sign of trouble on the knit fabric front.


I used buttons to add design interest (…or maybe to hide a big hulking oops… Probably not for the first time, admittedly…) on the neckline.


I realised today for the first time, after attempting to get a nice shot of me wearing this shirt of firsts, that I will be wearing nothing but black for the rest of my pregnancy because I look like a small house. You will not, I repeat not, be seeing any full-body shots of me in the foreseeable future, which I doubt you particularly wanted to see, but I’m just putting it out there…


  1. Yah for not giving up! Knit fabrics still scare the bejeebus out of me.
    Love the button detail.

  2. I love it Vic. Who'd have thought that a knit could look so good on a house?...erm, I mean, glowing pregnant woman? (You do so know that O love you, don't you?)

  3. What a cute top - you did a great job.

    I don't know what the ooops was ... you obviously hid ... I mean embellished ... it very well!

  4. nice one! and you're pregnant aren't you supposed to look like a house?!

  5. Cam - They should scare you. They are scary. Some machines do not like them. I do not like them. You are wise to stay away... need I go on...?!

    Tas - Oprah loves me? ;)

    Liesl - You REALLY are too kind. I know you can see all the wonk, but I was still pretty chuffed lol.

    Isis - I thought you were supposed to look all glowy & whatnot. I just look like... yeah... a house. *shiver*

  6. Good job! Have you got an image of the design you could share, without betraying your houseiness?

  7. great job! i can't make a thing. this is awesome.

  8. Jennie - it's from a 2008 Otto; http://www.ottobredesign.com/lehdet_js/2008_2/index.html?fi (the white one)

  9. From what I can see you look great & I love the sleeves & button detail.

  10. I’m sure the full body shots are adorable. Pregnant bellies are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD. I loved my enormous belly – embrace it and even if you don’t share with us; make sure you get some shots for yourself.
    Well done on the top and all the firsts – it looks great.

  11. It doesn't look wonk to me it looks great! (put it on the forum, dare ya ;))

  12. I agree with Kylie, get some shots of you belly & all because I didn't get many because I "looked like a house" & know I wished I could see more of me with that "House attire"
    you are absolutely gloooowing!

  13. HEY, I just stumbled upon a blog post of Rae who had a feature of some very nice maternity tops - go look! You'll definitely need some of those for the summer, AAAND they look pretty easy to make :).



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