Starting somewhere.

I have not made any sort of a start on bubba#2’s room yet, I have thought about it, fleetingly, but then… I was thinking of going with a theme, like ‘pirates’ or ‘robots’, but when I suggested this to the boy he said “Pirates are boring & robots suck”. Le Sigh. He would preffer the full Thomas The Tank Engine by Target look, me thinks, but as if that is going to happen… instead I might just try to make a start & see where it takes me, no doubt we’ll end up with a mishmash of retro boy stuff that at the very least makes me happy, because, let’s face it, I’ll be spending more time in there than the baby, to start with!


Last night I dusted off my pencils & sketch book & got started on some robots, perhaps for the wall. Punky & I have been playing robots a little lately, so I might have to guard the finished products lest she steal them for her room, but they’re a while off being at that stage.



  1. What absolutely fantastic sketches - how could he not want a robot themed room with those darlings on offer. I hope you turn him around

  2. Your sketches look great! A robot theme is so cool. No offence to cute Thomas but I'm not a fan of the Target theme stuff either. We steer clear of princess stuff here.

  3. What about a gnome theme? Gnomes are cute!

  4. Very cute robots. Methinks your boy needs to spend some serious perusal time on Etsy or something. Target is so very... Target!
    BTW, no we haven't moved yet, still saving those pennies. Never fear, when it happens you'll be the first to know!!

  5. Cutest robot face I've ever seen. Looks like a great theme is emerging. Just keep those cute sketches coming - no one could resist that surely!

  6. Wow, you're back to your blogging rhythm AND you are productive.

    Those sketches are more than just a start. I love the details you already think of. Move on!
    And don't worry... you have time. We've started to declutter Klara's room two days ago, and she turns one in eleven days ;).

  7. You've been hiding a hidden talent. They're great sketches.
    Now, I know I have been busy, but did I even know there was a baby No.2? I don't think I did. Did I? Reality seems to be escaping me with this new job and the four-hour commute and still fitting everything else in. It's insane.
    So, goodness, it's to be Punky Plus One? A wee little playmate ... woot. Congratulations. How far along are you? Goodness. I have to start catching up on the hundreds of blog posts I have to catch up on. Or at least, remember what I have read. Oh dear.


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