Generation Why.

…so, this is how I spend my time on rainy Sunday afternoons when I am actively ignoring the dishes & Le Punk is enthralled with ‘Mister Maker’ (…seriously, she loves that show!).

I find online generators for every occasion. Like a boy scout – I am always prepared, for example;

If I ever find myself in a band, hitting that triangle with wild abandon & rocking the hell out, the band’s name will be *coughs* Orgasm Monarch, courtesy of bandnamemaker.

If I ever have to enter witness protection, & if we’re serious, it could happen at any time, I can get a whole new identity from here. (For security purposes, I cannot tell you that my new name would be Imogen McDowell, I would reside in Hillside, VIC, and my new, glorious occupation would be Pesticide Sprayer. Oops.)

Or, (…this is obviously the most useful, and my favourite of all) if I ever find myself in a conversation with the ghosts of past surrealists like Picasso or Max Ernst, I can compliment them with the help of The Surrealist Compliment Generator. Of course you’ll be wanting an example;

“May bathtubs overflow upon your offspring.”


“You do dine so emergently that sanguine trepidation overcomes the house-staff.”

or, because it’s kind of addictive & rather amusing…

“Your nasal linings will last as long as the skin of rocks, thrust enigmatically upon a distant shoreline of mating beetles.”

Ernst: “Why thank you!”


  1. hehe, I love. especially the Surrealist compliment generator.

  2. I'm going looking for that compliment generator. I love the bizarre!

  3. Hehe, I love those generator websites!!!
    My favourite one is one my boyfriend found, "What's your Viking name?" It's funny that his result ended up being his nickname for years!
    Mine was Jodis Stronghawk! What's yours!!?

  4. Hehehe - they are too funny! Just did the witness protection one, and this is my occupation: # Manpower development specialist!

    Weehaa :D

  5. Holy cow, I didn't know you played th triangle! We are in desperate need of a triangle shredder for our new band "Blunt Fig"! Send us a demo and we'll talk (and rock)!

  6. You just made me realize I don't use them enough..There is fun to be had....Have a lovely day!

  7. Dearest Imogen, Mr Maker reigns in our household too, to my dismay, as I find him a wee bit Manic. My nerves, you know. May the Gods smile on your Pesticide Spraying.

  8. Jess; Védís Bonetipper... not very exciting, is it?!

    Liz; What a job!

    Mise; Why yes, 'Mr Manic' WOULD be a more appropriate name...


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