Trying to “gear up”…

Wow. I really haven’t blogged properly for a long time – it may be cliché to say – but I think I have forgotten how!

So much is different right now, yet not much has changed. My focus has shifted from opping & making “things” to the home, and to me, and I don’t know if anything I’ve been pottering about with is very blog worthy.

Things I’ve been up to lately that aren’t particularly interesting;

  • Burning out two, yes two, kettles on the stove.
  • Spending the day in hospital (I’m fine!), realising how lucky I am to be healthy (more or less!).
  • Convincing The Boy that ‘Arnold’ really is not an option.
  • Discovering which store-bought gluten free treats are tasty…. and which are absolutely not.
  • Bugging The Boy into finally putting up Punkster’s indoor swing;


  • Crocheting Blythe hats;


  • Contemplating life here for the foreseeable future & what that means when I, really, have no friends. My social awkwardness does not help this situation, nor does the fact that in general, I tend not to like people. ;)
  • Eating chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
  • Being COLD.

You see what I mean? I’m hardly setting the world on fire (although that could help with my last point…) and I could go on like this… with my mundane activities & thoughts of late, but I fear it will leave you feeling a little like I am with regard to blogging, and that is ‘blah’.

I don’t know whether to force myself to get back to it – break through the pain barrier as it were – or just… not.


  1. Aw... You do what you need to, hun. We'll all be here, whether you want to share random bletherings, divulge deep secrets (not necessarily your own) or just take a break altogether xx

  2. Oh now Mel, that's an idea - if only I had other people's secrets to share!

    Feel free to email me interesting gossip people... ;)

  3. Vic, get over it and just start blogging. I miss you. :-)

    And the thing with people...let's just say I was not cut out for a career in retail. ;-)

  4. Oh WOW your Punkster has gorwn and looks decidely pleased swinging ;-) Whatever you decide it's better to see a smidge of you than nothing, nought, zero!xo.

  5. Hah, when it comes to secrets, I could tell you one... and I will NOT.

    Glad to hear from you, Vic! I'd love to see you get back to blogging, but you should care for yourself in the first place. Promise me to eat healthy and drink lots and lots of water, okay?

    Oh, and PLEASE tell your husband (are you even married to The Boy? ... I think so...) that ARNOLD (ARNOLD!!!) is NOT a name!

  6. Glad to hear you are doing well hun and that you are still about. I do miss your posts.

    LOL you made me choke on my tea when I read that you convinced that man that Arnold is not an option, so funny.

    Take care and do what you need to do xoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Hey there Vic, nice to see you darl!
    Ok, firstly, Arnold is definitely not an option, well done. Glad to see pregnancy hasn't fried your brain completely!
    Next, about the friends thing. Let me assure you that as your kids get older you will develop a whole new bunch of friends as the kids start kinder, then school, and any number of extracurricular activities, something which was completely unexpected for me at the time. In fact, you'll have so many friends and be invited to so many social events that you may even get over your general dislike of people (which I can completely relate to!).
    Don't be a stranger now :)

  8. I have a nephew named Francis, what were his parents thinking?

    So glad to just get a glimpse of you here, we miss you. Ditto on the taking care of yourself though.

    Willow & Moos comment is very funny, I was quite good at retail until I woke up one day and realized my soul was missing!

    Love you heaps Vic!

  9. Nice to see you pop up in my blog roll. Good negotiating on "Arnold" - I suspect "Willis" should probably be out too, but being able to say "What choo talkin' 'bout, Wills" is one good reason to choose it! ;o)

  10. On the friends front, at least you've got the perfect entry ticket into society - a child. If you haven't already, get in touch with Playgroup Victoria (http://www.playgroup.org.au/) to find an age-appropriate local playgroup you're welcome to join. I think the organisation mostly exists so that mums who've moved to new towns can make friends! You could also take a look at local neighbourhood houses in search of mum & tot activities where you might meet people.

  11. Love the Blythe hats Vic!
    I understand the need for a blogging absence, sometimes it starts to feel like you're an unpaid journalist! Something keeps bringing me back though, maybe it's my (like you) friendlessness. You don't have to worry about social awkwardness on the net at least.

    I agree with you. Arnold is not and never should be an option!

  12. You could always offer The Boy "Boris" or "Doris" as names.....that was all my MIL got out of me while I was pregnant with our first, second and then our third!! Unless he might take you seriously ;-)

  13. Blame the cold, blame the belly, you can even blame it on the boogie, but don't give up blogging. I'm happy to read anything you got, even if you're not up to anything, coz I like checking in on you. Glad to see you back.

    By the way, you wanna swap boy names? I got some good ones that we can't use. Like Ziggy (hubby can't pronounce it) Tex, and Pablo. What have you got on the reject pile, aside from Arnold?

  14. Hi Vic, I get the 'blah'.
    Hang in there and all, things will get good...keep popping in every now and then, it's nice to see you. :D


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