Making my fortune….

Ages ago… around this time last year in fact, I discovered things like Zazzle & Redbubble & decided that they were going to be how I was going to make my fortune. After listing some stuff & having it languish I quickly lost enthusiasm & quite literally forgot all about it – but a message on Redbubble recently reminded me about my grand dreams & made me quite chuffed – some peeps actually bought a shirt or two, or liked a design enough to tell me about it.


So, I’m not rolling in dough (yet… I can dream…), but this teensy bit of encouragement has me thinking of new designs – I can think of a few to do with my new Blything obsession for a start – and faffing about with them for a while might keep me off the streets.


Apart from my amateur attempts, there are some amazing things, pictures, artists over on Redbubble, so you should probably go look – I am in the process of selecting a bunch or pics to have printed on postcards to jazz up my room some, and I can vouch for the tee quality too, I bought one of my own ‘I Craft’ shirts & it was great.. I say ‘was’ because it’s somewhere where I don’t know where it is… perhaps I should get another, post bubba#2…



  1. Oh Vic you are so talented I am sure you will make millions! Congratulations on the sale!

  2. So awesome! I love those shirts, why didn't I know about this? I'm gonna have to check it out miss.
    Congratulations and keep going!

  3. You are TALENTED! not that we all didn't know already from your other creations :)
    Hey not sure if Nell got onto you, but playgroup *is* on tomorrow but in the lounge (through the main church building) instead of the hall. Bound to be warmer in there :)

  4. I am scared. i am nervous I am worried about going to visit red bubble for fear of a new way to spend money.... but yours look FANTASTIC! Well done Vic. xx
    it is really exciting whrn someone you don't know buys something you made.


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