What can I say? I'm a Winner.

That's all there is to it. ;)

Hehehe... nah... I woke up to the VERY exciting news that I won an awesomely awesome 'Map 29' purse from
Crafty Girl With Ruffle!!!

I said in my winning comment (mwahahaha) that I'd choose the distant streets of Sydney for my purse if I won - just in case the homesickness ever starts to wane, but decided this morning that that maybe wasn't such a great idea... a tad depressing if you will, so have opted for the closer, colder streets of Melbourne, specifically the map with the Queen Victoria Markets on it, for a couple of reasons;

a) They are one of my favourite things about Melbourne and

b) 'Queen Victoria' has a lovely ring to it... (for those who don't know, that's my name... well, without the 'Queen' bit... usually.)
So, this unexpected & exciting second-in-my-life win, will go with my unexpected & exciting first-in-my-life win, the skully tote! A perfect pair, me thinks.
Thank you Annmarie! :D


  1. Lucky LUCKY girl, what a fabulous prize, and I do like your choice of QV .. must have been destined! Congrats and enjoy! Mel xox

  2. Woohoo! I can just see you and Punky doing a happy dance. And things come in the threes...so what else have you entered lately?

  3. just on a winning steak you ;)


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