Some Felt Baking.

Cookies!!! I think these ones look like peanut butter & chocolate chunk.... mmmmmmmmmm..... peanut butter & chocolate.......
Finally I have made a start on the felt food for Punky's birthday kitchen, it was fun making these, but then I started on a "slice" of bread... it took FOREVER! Probably because I was supposed to sew the edges with embroidery thread & I only have black & red so decided against it. Will have to go get some to make the food production a little swifter.
I haven't been using any of the pretty patterns out of the Japanese pattern books I got... I should have known I wouldn't, but they're pretty to look at all the same. I'm just winging it, as usual, but I don't think that's a bad thing.
Oh - another reason I'm glad I got the books - one taught me, in pictures alone, how finally to do blanket stitch! Since all the arts & crafts I know are entirely self taught, I really had no idea how to do it - even the basic sewing books I have either assume you know how to do it or explain it in such a way as to confuse the heck out of me, so I have just stayed away from anything absolutely demanding blanket stitch, until now....!
Yay for well photographed Japanese pattern books I say!

(PS, Le Punk has already tried to eat them.... I guess that's a good sign...?!)


  1. They look great! I love making felt food. My favourite source is the feltcuisine.com CDs.

  2. I was looking at those Jennie, lucky I didn't spend my money on them as I really doubt I'd use them, as cool as they are; I never follow the rules in craft!


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