It's SUNNY!! I know it sounds crazy... but it's true! Two days in a row now.... TWO DAYS!!!
Now, in the interest of honesty, I have to say that it DID rain yesterday, twice, and the wind was rather... gusty, but all the same, there was a fair bit of sun in there too.
Unfortunately for me, this means lots & lots of washing - we don't have a dryer so the never ending rain has taken us perilously close to wearing paper bags a few times... ;)
I have some cute company at the clothes line though - I don't know why, but Punky is obsessed with it - right now there are 6 or so of her toys strewn around it, and she heads straight there first whenever we go outside... odd child.
Chookies like the sun too... and pecking about on the overgrown lawn....!

Might it be too much to hope that Spring is finally here?!


  1. Ah, the sun is nice but over rated don't you think? I'd rather be naked in the rain than fully clothed in the sun tee,hee!

  2. Love your introduction do da.....
    "Finally..." I have just had a browse and love your SEEM TO BE SHOUTING STYLE! I mean your use of bold upsized font. I want to do that, but I am just easing into blog land. I find I have incredibly little to say, more to show. Chele
    P.S. Nice chooks but that is not an 'overgrown' lawn!!

  3. Tas.... I worry about you my dear. ;)

    Happydacks - I totally stole this style from another blogger - but I did tell her so lol, I love it, adds a bit of interest I think, even when what I have to say isn't so much... ;)


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