A Very Happy Birthday... In Pictures.

...so this is what 28 looks like?

I love this place. It is AWESOME. I could live there quite happily for the rest of my life....

Gorgeous vintage kiddie pattern goodness.

Old School Tupperware Galore!

Happy Birthday to me!!! *Mwahahahahahaha....!!!*

Seriously, going to that place is like Disneyland for me - it has everything you could ever want to do with vintage greatness... one thing I particularly like is seeing things I already own & discovering that they are actual worth something, ie; not the $2 I paid at the oppy for them... ;)
The greatness continued - before we went to lunch I found somewhere that sold DR PEPPER! I spent a mega $3 on a can... crazy I know but it was my birthday & I haven't had Dr Pepper in sooooooooooo long.....

Flowers from my Mummy. xoxoxo

Not pictured: Many birthday cuddles from an adorable little Punk, an extended trip to Spotlight that yielded crafty necessities, a glorious swap package that was awaiting my return, Thai dinner yummyness, BEER, retro dessert memories in the form of a Streets Vienetta.... ;)

A VERY happy birthday.


  1. Oh Cool! I've been so meaning to get out there...maybe these hols!
    Did you score that Sunbeam? Super-mega jealous here! ;)
    Sounds like it was a brilliant day!

  2. Oh, happy (late!) birthday!

    28 is such a great age! I know a lot of people dread creeping closer to 30, but I have to say, my 30's were awesome! By 30 you really know who you are and the life you want to lead, and you can really enjoy it all.

    I hope your coming birthday year brings you much joy, love, safety and prosperity!

  3. Aawwwww... Spanks Mrs B! (I hope the same for you my dear - especially the 'safety'... ;))

    Zofia - Yup, I am now the proud as punch owner of the mixmastery goodness! Oooooh Yeah! YOU HAVE TO GO THERE! You will not believe how awesome it is.

    Jennie - I KNOW! If people could marry buildings.... ;)

  4. Happy belated you beautiful gal!

    lisa ;)

  5. Wow. What a day. Yep, your 30s are going to be fabulous! And, speaking as a slightly 40 year old (!), they are pretty darn good too!

  6. Haaapy birthday to yoouuu!! It sounds like you had a lovely day, I hope the whole rest of your year is just as excellent!
    x Pepper


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