Op Shop Goodies....

Right. So. Yesterday, I got straight out of bed & got dressed - let me tell you just how weird that felt... I never do that. I tumble out of bed & shmooze over to the heater, turn it on full blast & watch cartoons with Le Punk for 5 minutes while the room heats up, then toddle into the kitchen to make coffee & toast.

Some days, I don't even make it out of my PJs.

But yesterday, to steal a line from Charlie & Lola's Lola; "I absolutely positively did." And it made a massive, surprising difference to how I felt. I felt like "Okay - what now?!" with energy & zest, as opposed to "Ugh... what now??" ....does that make sense to anybody else...?

Since it was The Boy's day off, I left he & Le Punk to have their cherished Father Daughter time & took of down the street on my bike to peruse the oppies.

Unfortunately, upon my return, my sink no longer sparkled, but my disappointment was offset by the goodies I found;

So, we have a blue Pyrex dish with scalloped edges, an ADORABLE handmade blue panelled half apron with pockets, a teacup (to make a pincushion out of... more on that later...), some books I was surprised to find (our oppies are goldmines of Sidney Sheldon & Jackie Collins, but not much else...), including 'The complete self sufficiency handbook" for The Boy, and this gorgeous little set;

How CUTE! As much as I want to keep the sweet oven mitt & pot holder for myself, I've decided to put them away to go with Punky's birthday kitchen - two less things I have to make, and probably much cuter than I could do anywho.

Also, this footstool, a whopping $2, and old case, with keys & all, also $2;

You may be wondering about that thing behind the case & stool... well... that was another purchase, but I'm doing a little sumpin sumpin with it that should be ready later today, so I'll show you then! ;)


  1. Great Score! Would you believe that we have the other hand mit - LOL - picked it up about 2 years ago in an oppy in Victoria!

  2. that is a GORGEOUS case! I love! I also love your blog :) thanks for playing along with a drawing a day!
    x Pepper

  3. Retail therapy. What a great way to expend all that energy lurking around! I can just see it all balanced delicately on the back of your bike lol! (How are those driving lessons going?)

  4. Hehe Tas... Luckily the lovely oppy guys delivered the big stuff for me again for a fiver. ;)

    Everything else was stuffed into my massive backpack, Mary Poppins style.

    Have a lesson today... *sigh*
    I still suck though!!

  5. Hehe, I was wondering how you got that lot home ;)
    Oh, time for an oppy visit I think...


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