50 Cent Fathers Day Pressie....

...and it doesn't suck! Really it doesn't!
If it were Mother's Day, I would be thrilled to receive such a cute mug from Le Punk!
I got the mug for the princely sum of 50 cents on clearance, and had some porcelain paint in my crafty stash from god-knows-when, add some Punky art & you have an adorable yet functional Dads Day gift.

Annnnnnnnnd.... we're ALL about DIY hair around here - we were painting more 'wrapping paper' today, as the last lot is somewhere where I don't know where it is (I know, I know... I am a terrible mother, just as well it ISN'T mothers day tomorrow...), and somewhere along the way Punky ended up with some funky red & green highlights....


  1. Aw, how cute- a hand painted cup and a hand painted toddler! What more could any daddy want?

  2. http://mixtapezineblog.blogspot.com/2009/09/and-winner-is.html


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