Dust Free Day!

Thankfully we have been spared the eery red haze of the dust storm that has engulfed Sydney & Brisvegas today - although I have been captivated by the images, I can imagine the discomfort that would come with having to actually, well, breath, in such an atmosphere.

The other day Le Punk got a balance bike - it is super cute & she loves it, she did have a little trike thing from last Christmas that was meant to be pushed along & then converted into a trike to ride alone, but alas, converted the thing stands still as a statue no matter how vigorous the Little Punk's legs whirl on the peddles, so, a balance bike seemed like a great solution for my bike loving little one.

Today was mostly windy & rainy, but we did get a teensy bit of outside time in.


  1. hehe, your turn now pussycat! ;)

  2. how sweet- what a cute bike too

  3. She has such a little cherub face! I'm so glad you don't have to breath that sand. Would be so eerie!



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