I've been naughty....

...I gave Le Punk one of her birthday presents. For no good reason, her birthday isn't for another 5 months...
Well... there was sort of a good reason.... I wanted to play with it.

A few months ago, we got an adorable little wooden dolls house from Aldi for $25... bargain, no? I thought "I'll just put it away until she's ready for it....".

Or not.

So, I broke it out yesterday (it was calling to me I tell you!) & realised that we didn't have any dolls suitable for dollhouse play! No!!!

While Punky made do with an old Patty O'Green (from rainbow brite) figurine I found, I decided to make her some gnomies.

I am pretty happy with them - I fully intend to make her a couple more, and perhaps one for myself, as I accidentally discovered while making the second that they make quite cute & spiffy pin cushions... ;)

I wonder, would anyone like a little tute on how to make them....? (I've not put a tute together as yet... it will be a learning experience for all...)

Also, when I got home earlier after a brief spot of opshopping, I was thrilled to find my gorgeous skully tote waiting for me!

It is even better than I thought it would be, beautifully made, gorgeous fabric, bonus little bookmarks that you can write in (brilliant idea)... I am in love & it is now my favourite & my best. ;) Thanks again to Tara @ Tarabu!


  1. The gnomes are soooo cute and perfect doll house size. Early bday gifts are so much fun!

    Lisa ;)

  2. lol! I do that too!! Hopeless. Even with presents for hubby. The gnomes are very cute. Tutorial would be great. Thanks for you comments on my blog too xox

  3. cute gnomes! So hard to wait when you stumble on something good... I tend to crumble too ;)


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