Things I Keep Forgetting....

...the very first thing being that I forgot to even blog yesterday - I was immersed in a blasted WIP that is taking much longer than I anticipated, which is annoying me because I am ALL about the instant craft gratification. All I am going to say is that it as close as I am ever going to get to quilting, and the fingers that hold the needle feel both numb and as though I should expect horrible callouses at any moment. Sounds like a fun project, no?

Anywho, I actually started this catch up post the day before yesterday, or the evening before yesterday, but as I was typing *zloop*, everything shut down. It was super windy & the power was out.

We sat around looking at each other for a while, considering our predicament, and then decided to go for a drive & see if it was just our side of town temporarily plunged into darkness. Turned out that not only was the entire town power-less (it is both strange and satisfying to see those 'golden arches' and 'bucket in the sky' unlit in the night), but most people had the same idea - driving around sticky beaking... probably, upon reflection, not the greatest idea we've ever had, since the traffic lights were also out of business.

On the way home, I saw one of those cool (weird) bright plastic toy boxes in the shape of a round frog on the side of the road, with some other random stuff & a "FREE!" sign - I practically jumped out the window and scared The Boy half to death; "STOP THE CAR!!! I NEED THAT....!" he was like "....what the...?" having seen the stuff earlier on the way home and totally ignoring it (*sigh*), he had no idea what it was. "It's a toy box!" I breathed excitedly, having seen one at the Mill Markets on my birthday for $50... "And I NEED IT!!!".

So he had to turn around and drive back, then I jumped out to get it... but it was much heavier than an empty plastic tub should be... it was full of toys! I almost had heart palpitations, that's how excited I was.... luckily, as we turned into our street, we say street & porch lights turn back on - hurrah!

We (Punk & I) rushed inside to peruse our free loot - and loot it most assuredly was - the first thing I picked up was a little Miss Piggy Muppet baby figurine that I recalled from my childhood, a Mickey D's toy from 1986 no less - and then her car.... score! ;)

The other stuff that went into 'Mummy's" pile; a matching gonzo on a rocking horse, a fozie bear sans whatever he was supposed to be on (or perhaps he went on the rocking horse... I can't remember), and ALF clip on with tag still attached from 1989, a carebear, a smurf, 2 teenage mutant ninja turtles in cars that I also recall from road trips, a beagle boy, Rodger rabbit, Donald duck & Fred flintstone.
Punky was thrilled with about a gazillion cars & trucks (she loves them as she only had like 2 Fischer price cars before), Donkey from Shrek with the tag still on, and various other little figurines.

Even The Boy had something to get excited about; an unused Michael Jordan shrinky dink from 1996!!!

I don't think Mr Frog and his stomach full of goodies could have found a better, more appreciative home! I hope all free stuff people put out because they can't be bothered to take them to the oppy have such a fate... ;) We think he must have been a "Grandma's House" toy box, considering what was inside.

Anyway... I digress! All that had nothing to do with my actual post, which is about stuff I keep forgetting to post, starting with;

Lemon Meringue Update;

It WAS delicious. The Boy was very happy with it - pleasantly surprised you might say, and that means I don't have to put up with the hopeful "I bet you can't make a lemon meringue as good as my Mum's..." ever again. I also forgot to mention that the lovely Lisa from Crafty Mamas pointed me in the direction of the (obviously foolproof) recipe for Mile-High Lemon Meringue Pie, I had to sign up for the free trial to get the recipe, but it was SO worth it; http://www.cookscountry.com/pwlogin....ecipe&iseason=

Punky Update;

She has a big girl bed! She loves it, even though the sight of my little Punk in a big bed made me a tad weepy to start with. The very first thing she did after it was put together was to bOuNcE....

Drawing A Day Update;

*shuffles feet* There isn't one. I've not been doing it. I have no excuses.

Flylady Update;

See above. *sigh* The house really looks like a bomb site today, since I've been working like a maniac on my afore mention WIP and hence ignoring everything else, including Punky's rampaging destruction.

Mail Update;

I fully intend to try my hand at a review for the book, I have had a thorough look through already, of course, and can say that it is a pleasure to look at, at the very least.
Right'o, that's everything updated... now I have to go get my house in order.


  1. What a great find! How exciting for Punky to have her big girl bed! Lemon mer. pie, I'm quite impressed. I wouldn't have a clue....


  2. Jeepers, woman, you attract bargains and wonderful stuff...though I can honestly say that I have never seen those frog boxes before. Why would you worry about flying ladies lol when you can ben cooking, EATING, scavenging and PLAYING with all the goodies that you scavenge? Cleaning is over-rated!

  3. PS And bouncing on beds is definately NOT over-rated!

  4. Lisa - I didn't either... USE THAT LINK! Foolproof I tells ya... FOOLPROOF!!! lol

    Tas - Have pretty much tamed the mess now - just trying to catch up on Mt Washmore since it's... shock, horror... actually SUNNY here today?! (knock on wood.... ouch!)


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