Father's Day is on hold....

...until The Boy gets home this afternoon. He works every weekend, so we knew he wouldn't be here today, but it's still kind of sad.

The upside is however, is that I have had ample time to get things done for his return as today's honoured guest.

His one (reasonable) request was for me to make him a Lemon Meringue Pie. I have never made said pie, or any dessert pie as far as I can remember. My most successful attempts at baking have all been in the vegan arena, not, for example, in baking requiring copious amounts of eggs. Having said that, and also being aware of the notorious reputation this pie has for it's difficulty... I was quietly confident.

I have a tendency to be blissfully unaware of things that can go wrong with undertakings I have never attempted. I have the odd problem of being more nervous about things I should know I can do or have done many times. Take labour, for instance. No matter how many times I was asked if I was nervous about giving birth, or even warned about it, I thought to myself; "Piffle! Birth is a natural part of life! As if it COULD hurt THAT much!". I went to calm birth classes where I learnt to visualise my happy place & breath deeply.

Needless to say, I was quite surprised by the actual event.

Lucky for me, making Lemon Meringue Pie & giving birth are not at all alike, and it seems my confidence this time was not unfounded... it looks damn good! I went just a *little* bit snap happy when I got it out of the oven, as proud as punch as I was, but here is just one of the photos....

Looking at the pie all nice & puffy like it is, I entertained the idea that I was a super wifey after all, and then I realised;

a) I'm not, officially, a 'wifey' at all and
b) Super-wifies are probably still not in their PJs (sorry FLYLady!) while whipping this & boiling that... (underwear on the outside of their clothes maybe, but not PJs...)

All that remains is the taste test, cross your fingers for me! It has to live up to that fabled childhood pie, you know the one, the dreaded pie that "Mum used to make..."!

Have also wrapped everything in Le Punk's gorgeous hand painted wrapping:

(See that big fat red package? Shhhhh.... don't tell anyone, but that is 'Drop Dead Beautiful' Jackie Collins' latest adventures of Lucky Santelago.... he LOVES those books! *guffaw*)

All that AND I managed to win a prize... ;)

I have been drooling over this book online & was super lucky & managed to win a copy! Thank you to Justine over here!

I actually feel quite blessed to have won this book, as I do to have won the purse & tote - I have only entered giveaways which I really, really, would like to win. I don't enter just because I can, or because I love the thrill of winning, but because someone is giving me the chance to own something I quietly, or not so quietly, covet, and, in all honesty, I wouldn't own otherwise.
The truth of the situation is I really couldn't afford to buy this gorgeous book, that stylish purse or original tote, but they are coming to me all the same... that is just amazing to me! I feel so incredibly lucky - and as I wrote in my email to Justine @ mixtape earlier, I have never thought myself a particularly lucky person. I am having to re-evaluate my luck status!

I hope everyone is having a gorgeous Fathers Day with the special Daddy in their lives.



  1. What a lovely post (and an even lovelier pie. Mmmmmm. Me want!)... Jackie Collins books...Laughing here too. You'd better hope that he doesn't read your blog and see what man-secrets you have shared with the big wide blogging world...

  2. I am currently sitting on the floor in my kids room trying to get three over stimulated children off to sleep. It is 9.38pm and I need a cuppa and then I click onto your blog only to find this AMAZING looking pie. You get my super wifey award regardless of status or pj's!!!!! Now I am hungry for some pie ... with home made vanilla icecream ... mmmmmmmm.

    Congrats on the book too, I have her other book, will have to check this one out now. Something else to do while my 2 year old is mimicking snoring and laughing over there in his cot!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

  3. Teehee... aw Clo.. I feel your pain, but seriously... that is cute!
    If I had 3 kidlets to deal with though hon, I would get the 'super-looney' award lol, YOU are my hero!

    Tas... lucky for me, he's not a blog reading kind of boy... ;)

  4. 10/10 my friend for the pie, the pressie (& the wrapping - well done punk) & for being such a talented chic!
    Nic (M22)

  5. Your lemon meringue looks sensational! Lucky you winning that book, I haven't seen it before, maybe we'll see some projects from it here before too long?

  6. I've just noticed that you're a follower on my blog, so flicked over, and lo and behold - lemon meringue pie! I too, attempted said pie for the first time on Sunday last, Father's Day, except that I changed it to 'mini pies' and used far too much store-bought pastry for each shell, then the lemon mixture didn't exactly set, so we were all practically 'drinking' the things. But they did look good and the meringue was divine. How did yours taste?

  7. Anna - it was SO YUMMY!

    I was pretty darn chuffed if I do say so myself. I don't have the link to where I got the reciepe right now (obviously fool proof lol) but will post it later/tomorrow.

    Drinkable meringues? You should have added a straw and a pretty mini umbrella & called them dessert cocktails perhaps...?! ;)


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