Why is a raven like a writing desk? (Or, my latest furniture refurb...)

I am SO excited to be showing you this... I could pretty much only be prouder if I had built the thing myself.....



What I did:

Scraped off the old varnish & sanded (by hand!!!!), painted interior shelves, stained & varnished outside with 3 separate coats, waiting 8 hours between coats, replaced handles, decoupaged desk top (whatever that green stuff is would not be painted...).

Filled with crafty goodness.

This was intended to be my 'little projects' craft spot in the lounge room, but I love it so much I think I may be spending a lot more time using it than previously anticipated.
You can probably tell I am pretty damn chuffed with my efforts - first time I have really got into the nitty gritty what with the sanding and everything - it was a test of my patience and my need for I.C.G (Instant Craft Gratification) but I got there in the end!


  1. oh, you are good! That is a fab. job Vic!!!!!

  2. Totally FABBO makeover yet again. These old pieces sure were lucky to be picked up by you & given a new lease on life!! Ditto, ditto, DITTO on your comments about USOTara too - that is exactly how I feel! Bring on hump day I say ;)

  3. I love it! I wish I could find the nifty old pieces you do!!

  4. Wow oh wow oh wow! I want it!

  5. Looks AMAZING! And I love all your bakelite bits on the top.

  6. That is pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself. Why oh why cant I ever find brilliant old pieces like that to do up.

  7. Really impressive - and I know how it makes you feel all warm inside because you made it yourself - you earned it! Alas, I seem to have too many children right now to make any sort of second-hand-shop excursions, but I dream of pieces I may find in the future... keep on opping.

  8. Thank you everyone!

    I am so glad it turned out well, I would have been increadibly upset if I'd put in all that work for nothing!!


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