I cleaned the sink....

...and I know what you're thinking. Yes I do. You're thinking; "That's just great.", "Go you.", "What do I care?". Don't pretend that's not true. That's what I'd be thinking if I were you.

Anywho... I don't know if you WILL care, but it's sort of a big step for me. Now I'm not saying that this is the first time I've ever cleaned the sink, but it is certainly the first time I've taken a picture of it...! ;)
A thread over on the Crafty Mamas forum today lead me to FlyLady. I have heard of her before, but not paid any attention, after all, I hate cleaning, so why would I want to know how to do more of it? But today, for some reason, I actually had a bit more of a thorough look over there, and, as a result, I cleaned the sink.

I guess there comes a time, as much as I hate to admit it, and hate even more actually doing it, when a mamma just has to get on top of the things she's been letting slide, not only to set a good example to any young Punk that may be hanging around, but to also feel in control of the housework for a change, instead of it looming large eternally like an evil nemesis, and controlling her instead.

Even though I had committed to a bit of a longer look over at FlyLady, I almost clicked away after a brief read-through, thinking "Who am I kidding?". I'm just not that kind of girl. The competent, organised housefrou type of girl. But then I thought about how I spend my days, and what is the thing I dislike the most...? You got it. Cleaning. What do I enjoy the most? Hanging out with Le Punk & Crafting. What stops me from doing those two things...? Again with the cleaning. I just suck at it, and because I suck at it, it always ends up out of control & I spend a whole day cleaning just to end up with a moderately livable house that gets messed up again within a matter of milliseconds.

When I say it gets out of control... I wish I were over-exaggerating. We're talking dishes that don't get done until I am forced to wash them, usually before I can make dinner, or, even more likely, I look at the dirty dishes around 20 past 5 & think "What can I make for dinner that requires none of these dishes?!".

Why can't I be organised
? Or, more precisely, why can't I learn to be organised? Why can't I just make the necessary cleaning a regular part of my routine, as opposed to a never-ending chore...?
No real reason, that I could come up with. So. I cleaned the sink. That's all I have to do today. Day 1. And all I have to do tomorrow is get dressed as soon as I get up & 'shine' the sink again. I'm pretty sure I can manage that.....

(Kitchen pretty - something to distract me while I do the dishes... when I do the dishes...)


  1. Awesome post :) it as very fun to read. I think you did a great job! It looks fantastic. Now just leave a clean cloth within arms reach so you can wipe over it whenever it gets messy, hehe.

    I think I'll join along with you.. but man.. do I really have to get outta my pj's? Just kidding.. :)

  2. Gotta love the Fly Lady! I have to restart with her now that the kids are back to school so I can get this house decluttered. So much to do it's overwhelming!

  3. Ah, but now you have a dilemma. You couldn't possibly want ot dirty that darn clean sink with dirty dishes, would you? Maybe you guys just need to stop eating. That'll stop you accummulating those horrible nasty dishes- and give you more time to admire your sparkly sink...But seriously, I hate cleaning too! You go girl!

  4. Huh! I'm a Flylady fan too :). Just wanted to let you know that you've one the Melways Purse draw. I couldn't find your e-mail. If you go to my blog there is a link to my e-mail. Congrats.
    Ann Marie

  5. PS. I just realised I can't spell. I meant won not won.

  6. Oohhh - nice shiny sink :)

    I think I ought to join the Flydlady thing too. Only my kitchen sink is actually a laundry tub. I wonder if she has special tips for people who live in sheds lol.

  7. this makes me laugh as I cleaned the toilet today and for a while I was thinking about how it was worthy of a photo!

    The thing I hate about cleaning (besides the obvious) is how it lasts about a nanosecond at our place and then quickly falls back to 'normal' (i.e.mess everywhere)

    thanks for the laugh


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