Spot The Punk.

Can you spot the Little Punk amongst this motley bunch?!

I discovered later that not only did she have so many toys up there with her, she'd actually managed to wedge several under the bed sheet.... I do believe I have shared this sentiment before; odd child!


  1. Cute. She's a little stash unto herself!
    I'm loving the spare in hand ;)
    This was T's style also but she had 3!

  2. Yo Gabba Gabba has a lot to answer for. My little one has a Brobie (sp?) and it's huge - but I BOUGHT IT FOR HER! I love it! I don't feel so bad leaving her in her room alone while I get to share a room with my friend because she's got friends there too (does that make any sense?) Your punky looks very happy with her friends!

  3. Zofia - She has been known to find up to 5 I think...! ;)

    Anna - I love YGG too lmao, we only a couple of days ago got that Giant Plex & Punk loves it, gives it huge cuddles before she goes to sleep. :)


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