My *coughs* "other" Creative Space....

As much as I have enjoyed reading about how neat & tidy everybody thinks my new craft area is (and I have... it is very nice..!), I am afraid I cannot live a lie.

I am the messiest person I have ever met. I wish I had met one of those hoarder people they show on bad current affairs telly, just so that that wouldn't be the case, but I haven't & I am.

My lovely new craft cabinet is so very neat & purty because I've not actually done any down & dirty crafting there yet - just really used it as a bench for the few days it has been in existence.

I am already having doubts about my ability to happily pull out my machines if and when I want to sew, and then.... put them back. I hope that I will feel somewhat obliged to keep the space tidy since it is in the lounge room, mostly because Le Punk would get up to mischief aplenty if I left it all "undone", but the reality remains to be seen.

My Mother has photos of my bedroom from various stages in my childhood - in most it is hard to even see the bed, if not impossible.

Which brings me to my "other" Creative Space I boasted so happily about yesterday.

That space meant to inspire my artistic sensibilities & creative vision.


I have MANY excuses as to why it looks like that, but I doubt any of them would really fly.... I mean, I can only really blame Punky for the stuff she can reach, can't I?
Basically I pilfered all the nice crafty stuff & placed it ever so prettily into my new cabinet - laying this area to waste.
I'm going to clean it up.
Really I am.


  1. You've made me feel better, my "sewing space" is messy too, only problem is, each time I clean up inspiration strikes!

  2. Ahh, now we're talking! A girl after my own heart, phew! ;)

  3. If it makes you feel any better, there was a lady on Oprah who hoarded so much stuff that she had 10 000 square metres of stuff laid out when it was removed. It took over 100 people over 2 weeks to clean her house..and find the mold and rats' nests...Actually, I'm not worried if it doesn't make you feel better- cos I feel damn good about the mess at my house now lol!

  4. lol Tas... that DOES make me feel better!

    I want you to fess up with the evidence of your messes now girls...! :P


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