Latest Opshop Finds.

Just a couple of things from our most recent sprees;

First of all.... SPORKS! Splades if you will, or as is written uninspiringly on the actual box: "buffet forks". Whatever you call them you must know their greatness - most of the forks in our cutlery drawer are not forks at all, oh no, they are these babies and EVERYONE loves them. I love them because more often than not, I'm balancing a plate on my lap instead of eating at a candle-lit, flower adorned dining table, and it is made so much easier by having all utensils in one hand...

They're great for the Little Punk too since she's still learning how to use a fork, when she fails to stab she can scoop & vise versa - a grand invention, how are they not more popular?! Is it because nobody wants to admit that they don't always sit at the dinner table in their professionally decorated dining room with the best silver & linen napkins...? Were people more comfortable admitting this in the 70s (whenever I stumble upon still-boxed sporks the boxes are invariably a lovely brown & orange combo...)? Or were there just more parties? (...but if there were more parties, weren't they already supplied with their own fondue sticks, and otherwise engaged with bowls full of car keys...?!)

Also pictured is a pack of 2 adorable duck decals that I know not what to do with but am deliriously happy to have come across... that little duck is so cute & cheery! The amount of old furniture floating around with similar decals is amazing - they were the obvious solution when a baby was suddenly expected me thinks - "The baby needs furniture... quick, take my cupboard & throw a puppy sticker on it...!!"

A purty good-as-new handmade dress for Le Punk - it is beautifully finished & just waiting for a sunny day.

What do you think of the pictures? I've been playing with Picnik again, it's sooooo easy to use & quicker than messing about in Photoshop.
Example of my fave effects -


After: Applied "Ortonish", "Rounded Edges" and & watermark. Instant Vintage charm me thinks.


  1. Splades (as they are known in this house)are ace so you wont get any condescending, snobby remarks from this little black duck!
    And thank you for showing me how to get a watermark on my photos. Aaaahhh!

  2. I've been trying to get my hands on a set of splades for years!!!!!

    I wanna come op-shopping with you!


  3. Tas - use the 'overlay' option when you put the text on & voila!

    Sam - Have emailed you... ;)

  4. Aww, cuddles!!!

    (Splayds are ace! ;))

  5. Thank you for the link to Picnik - Ive always wondered how everybody did fancy schmancy things with their pictures....wow I am so behind the times arnt I


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