Crazy Collage Cupboard.... Craft?

So here is that other "thing" I bought yesterday. It was $10 and I couldn't resist, even though it had that delightful woodgrain laminate....

I didn't think until I got home about how I would actually get rid of that lovely laminated wood look... a quick google search revealed laminate paint to me - voila! 'Problem solved' I thought, I'll just paint it a lovely colour, probably red, as that is the colour I like to paint things... then I rang the local hardware stores & was told that the necessary primer was $47, the paint itself was $47 & they only had it in white.
I would not be spending almost $100 to paint my $10 bargain white. I would not.
So I sulked for a while & then.... remembered these;
Some time ago I revamped a tellie cabinet we found in the garabage room of our apartment block by decopaging pictures from 1950s magazines onto it, then, a couple of years after that, I did the same with a dodgey IKEA coffee table... So when I remembered I still had a stash of vintage mags I was doing nothing with....
I spent from 2pm to 9.30pm working on this - refused to make dinner, so The Boy & The Punk had to fend for themselves. I loved doing it all, was working with that crazy energy you only get when you're really excited by the idea for a project. Had to ride down & get some varnish for the final couple of coats this morning, if there were such a thing as an all-night hardware store, I would have been there...
I just LOVE it. I keep looking at it, which is easy since it is now pride of place in the loungeroom, and smiling. It has such a nice feel to it, in more ways than one. It feels nice, it feels "familiar" in that the images all over it have already been absorbed into the collective conciousness, but it also feels nice in the tactile sense, the different levels of paper & the satin varnish finish is lovely.

What do you think?


  1. I think it looks bloody AWESOME. What did you do it with?

  2. I think it's WILD and I think you're COOL!

  3. That is just divine. I wish I had a stash of 50s mags hanging around for such an occasion!

  4. I think it's freaking AWESOME! Wow!

    I've been thinking of covering something old in photocopies of my various divination card decks. I am inspired to really do it now! That came out great!

  5. what a fantastic job you did, you are very driven when you get something in your head I see ... great result!

  6. Gina - To paste it all down I used acrylic matte medium, then I did a once over with acrylic gloss but that wasn't thick/protective enough so I applied two coats of satin finish varnish. :)

    Sam - ROFL

    Mrs B - DO IT!

    Everybody - THANK YOU!!! Like I said, I love it too, but I'm glad you guys like it, The Boy doesn't....!! He says it looks better than it did, but he doesn't like the style of cupboard at all, I won't tell you his exact comment (about the sort of house that has buffet cuboards like that... *rolls eyes*) but he really has issues with it! Weirdo. lol

  7. Wow! I love how you've glossed over the woodgrain laminate but left the gorgeous timber legs, my favorite part!

  8. Bloody hell Vic you are on FIRE!!
    That is freakin AWESOME! I used to joke but now I am convinced there is no end to your talent - truly! Love the drawing as well!
    PS: How funny was USOTara last night?
    PSS: Lovin readin your blog again :)
    Nic (M22)

  9. ..and huurah for not making dinner, and for late-night hardware stores- I'm still looing for an all-night plant nursery for when I get those nocturnal vegie patch whims;)

  10. Thanks for the comment on my blog (and I'm so jealous of you winning the Melways purse). I love what you've done here, it is great.

    PS what's a scoodie?

  11. Super duper AMAZING!!!
    Woo hoo Vic! Love it :D

  12. That is so cool! I'd love to have something like that in my house.

  13. Very cool! I did this sort of thing to a bookcase once using old book pages.

  14. That looks fantastic!!! Just rockin!!

  15. Oh my goodness, that is exactly the same as the cabinet my parents had in our house when we were kids.

    I love what you have done with it :)

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  17. aah, so crabby with myself! I had one of these cabinets and got rid of it, have been kicking myself ever since! Yours looks awesome! What a great solution to the laminate, well done :)

  18. Amazing!! I have a whole lot of old Tintin books which I could use to do this for the boys furniture. Thanks for the inspiration.


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