My First "Drawing A Day"

Through the new Meet Me At Mikes forum, I stumbled upon this adorable blog, and found this meme... A Drawing A Day.

I hereby pledge to DO a drawing a day, but I doubt I'll post one everyday. Perhaps the occasional one & a 7-sketch set at the end of the week? We'll see.

Anywho, without further ado - just a quick drawing I did last night while waiting for United States of Tara to start;


  1. Very nice work, lovely shading!!

    I think I'd like to join in too. I guess I do draw everyday even if it's just more buttonhead faces!!


  2. Do! I LOVE your stuff... ESPECIALLY you buttonheads! ;)

  3. Fantastic love it ... will it continue as a comic strip saga?? I will be awaiting the next one! LOL Sadly my talents belie in stick figures (hence why I only teach earlychildhood as they relate well to my abilities! (lol)) ... M xox

  4. I love this idea, a drawing a day! I like your drawing style too, I look forward to seeing more! :)
    United States of Tara is on frustratingly late isn't it? I wish they would swap it with The Librarians!

  5. Thanks for the Scoodie info (and the link) - I think I have to make one now!!


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