Over My. Dead. Body.


A great name for;

The Govinator....

A Cartoon character with a football-shaped head....

A Pig....

A sitcom character.

But NOT, I repeat, NOT, for a child born into the Punky household. Now I assure you this is not some sort of coded announcement, I am not "with child" and have no intention of becoming so any time soon, but I have resigned myself to the idea that it will probably happen sometime in the next 5 years. I am quite happy just with a Punk, or, would be more eager if another girl could be assured, I like the idea of having 2 girls.... but The Boy wants a boy funnily enough, and not only that, he wants to call him Arnold. After a dog. His favourite dog. When he was 9.

I have said "Sure!" but there is one condition; I will have to die in childbirth first.


  1. lmao! My hubby and I actually go out of our way to avoid names that remind us of animals. Go figure...
    Initiate plan B once pregnant- go into labour and he will submit to your will once you have agonisingly pushed that big baby out of a teensy orifice...or else he wont be around to see Arnie grow up anyway lol!

  2. All I can think of is the guy who ran the diner in Happy days......Arnold's. Does that age me horribly.


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