I take it back.

Okay, I'm not going to go so far as delete my last post but I am going to take back the part about being the messiest person.... I mean, it's still true, I don't know anyone messier than me, but I know that there ARE messier people. I mean, there must be.

AND, I have been TRYING.

I really, really have.

I've found the key to keeping things *mostly* under control is STORAGE! So that means the more opshoped cupboards & the like I can get my hands on the better, more storage = less clutter which = less mess.

This little gem has only taken 28 years to come to me.

Some proof of my attempts;
Le Punk Residence;
Itty Bitty lounge;
What happens when I TRY to put my fabric away;
Okay... so I still have far to go... I just noticed the dust on the bench in this picture. Don't look!


  1. Don't give yourself too hard a time about it! I'm pretty bad....I like to think I'd be better if I had more storage....if we had more room....if I could be bothered....if I had no hobbies or interests......if hanging clothes on the line didn't feel like stabbing myself in the eyeballs....you get the picture!!

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself, you should see my house and I don't have kids (just a man and two cats)!!! Our house is SUCH a mess!!!!!!!

    Tomorrow (today actually) I'm cleaning out the kitchen and reorganizing to fit in the corning ware we got from The Man's Grandma. Our bottom cupboards are in a disarray, and I SOOOOO need to steam mop the floor!!!!

  3. It looks great :) You've done a fabbo job of cleaning up and I totally agree with you on the storage.

  4. All precisley (...or however that may be spelt lmao) what I needed to hear!

    Thank you!

  5. Love the red Vic. It all looks cool.

  6. I went to a friends house once, and she knew we were coming, and her bathroom was a mess. I mean clothes everywhere, towels on the floor, the lot. Geez I felt great. And I love her so much more just for BEING her. And I also love her for making me feel better about my house. Now I'll be off to bed, after I put another load in the machine and pick up the piles of clothes I've flung into the hall earlier today...
    PS would you believe the word verification I've got is 'picky'??!!!


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