Finds From Far Away Opshops...

Okay, that sounds rather more dramatic than it was - we just drove for an hour & twenty minutes... but still, it was pretty far for Punky, she HATES going in the car.
First Oppy we found had these;
...I'd have rathered boots, no doubt, preferably in cherry red like my old ones before they fell apart, but oppers can't be choosers!! $8.
27 copies of Golden Hands mag for $2.... they are so. freaking. marvelous;
Things like this make me wish I could knit;
Examples of adult clothes reconned into kids outfits, HOW AWESOME is this?!

When we got back to town, The Boy was off to get a hair cut (finally!!!) and because too much opping is never enough, Le Punk & I had a quick peruse around another & I bought a good, solid writing desk for $25 - I am currently considering what I am going to do with it cosmetic-wise, so I am holding off on pics, but functionally it is going to be my little craft space in the lounge room - for small projects or times at night when it's freezing in my craft area & I feel cold & alone out there... ;)


  1. You, my dear, must have the BEST op shop karma of anyone I know. I want some. Now. Stamps foot petulantly.

  2. wow what wonderful things to score I was given some Golden Hands recently and they are wonderful

  3. great scores! I love Golden Hands just for flicking through- very inspiring and sometimes scary..;)

  4. lol Tas

    Linda - I know! Lucky you - didn't even have to shell out $2....! ;)

    Zofia - perfect inspiration for Lisa's current CM challenge...?!

  5. what a fabulous day....how good is that book about adults clothes into kids!


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