Lucky For Me I Have No Willpower...

...because if I did... I wouldn't know that I am the incredibly lucky winner of this awesomeness:

YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! *does happy dance* I won the skully skully goodness, I won the skully skully goodness....!!!

Thanks go to the gorgeous witchie woman Mrs B & the talented Tara from Tarabu, I am just buzzing with excitement and am so, so glad that I am totally devoid of resolution & turned the computer on 'just for a second' after putting Punky down for a nap.

The awesomeness is threefold, like all good things are; 1. Skulls are my absolute, boney hands down, favourite thing, ever. 2. This is my first blog giveaway win (or anything at all interesting that didn't involve drawing or making something) and 3. I'm going to be Mrs B's bag twin!! lol

Oh yeah. Good times.


  1. aaaactually, I have your paintings in mind for the store already :P
    im one step ahead babe haha.
    will wait untill we see if we are 100% in before we make deals with anybody we want to stock but yes, youll be top of the list :P hehe


  2. oooh that's awesome! Congrats on the win! (I'm jealous! lol)


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