I need this doll, erm... I mean Punk does... Isn't she GORGEOUS?!

I always fight with myself when I enter a blog giveaway I really, really want to win, I wonder if I should blog it to get an extra entry or try to keep it all to myself! This is only the second time I've done it, the first time I was super lucky & won the skully tote... So hopefully that is some sort of good blogging karma & if I cross all my fingers & toes, & perhaps my eyes, I might be oh-so lucky again..?

Of course I want you to enter too. At least then I'll be able to rest, knowing such a precious dolly found a wonderful home... ;)

Her creator is a Crafty Mama too, so you know she has to be great!
Giveaway running at Handmade Kids until midnight on Wednesday 30th September 2009.
If you don't want her (but who wouldn't?!).... feel free to enter for me... ;)


  1. She is truly fab. I want those jeans!

  2. I know!! Her outfits are almost the best thing about her... her hair is the best thing... ;)


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