Just don’t look down…

Although I am still waiting on a few bits & bobs, I thought it was about time to show you the nursery – just, well, don’t look down. The floor is better than it was, but it’s still not great, so just imagine lovely polished floorboards where the icky unsealed ones are, okay?

Okay. Maybe also ignore the icky green walls…? Thanks. Let us commence with the small nursery tour, brought to you by the opshop, my craft room & various clever makers…


Does this cupboard look familiar…? The crow cupboard is now the robot cog cupboard…nursery3


Robot softie from Snow Machine on Etsy, blocks & board game opped.


Space themed fabric balls also from Etsy, robot bean bags from Milos Creations & specially made robot rattle from Chunky Chooky. Canvas & cup opped….



Above: Ikea hanger – opped – coat hangers – opped, Mama-made polaroids.

Bellow: Curtains made from opped doona cover & THE QUILT.





Above: Mama-drawn bots in opped frames.

Below: The non-robot corner! Top shelf, animal matching game from Tree Fall, books, book case & panda toy all opped.


Opped & painted robot coat rack, opped robot tee.


Not sure how much the whole room cost to put together – practically nothing. The most expensive things are probably still coming – a couple of irresistible robot goodies from some lovely crafters – as the cot, change table & baby swing were Punk-hand-me-downs & pretty much everything else was opped or handmade. Let us call this ‘Bots for Bebe on a Budget’?!

So that’s what’s been occupying a bit of my time & most of my attention lately, I hope you’ll agree that it is a bit of a creative space… more of those (not necessarily nurseries though…) over here.


  1. Well done, Vic. You should be SO proud!

    now you've just gotta wait for bubba to make his entrance! I do hope it's all smooth sailing for you :)

  2. It's brilliant, I love what you've done with the place! Such a lucky little bubba to have such a crafty, thrifty mama!

  3. fabulous.. well done on the decorating.. I love your framed robot drawings..

  4. Love it, love it, love it! Not long now and you'll have a baby to add to the room too! Good luck and enjoy!

  5. Gorgeous!! Those blocks with the spaceship are the absolute bees knees!! Nice job, what a lucky little bubba he will be...

  6. Let's hope your baby boy likes robots and not Blythe!!! Good luck with the impending birth....can't wait to see your new bubba!!

  7. What an amazing space for a little boy! I think even i could spend hours in there with all those cool toys : )

  8. What a gorgeous room! Well done.

  9. It looks so great Vic, lovin' all that space action robot infused colour. And the mama drawn robot pics are just faaabulous :)

  10. Wowwee! It looks FANTASTIC! You should be so proud of yourself for this room, there are so many cool things about it, and I am so impressed with what you can do with op-shop stuff!

  11. Ka-POW! Love it!
    Who needs a baby room that looks like a Baby shop Bomb has gone off.
    Loving the hand made, the simplicity and the genuine-ness of it.

    Bet your little bairn will too.


  12. VIC it's looking amazing! He's one lucky little boy xo

  13. Youve done a fantastic job, i love THE quilt and your paintings and drawings are just brilliant...im sure your little man will love his new room too!

  14. beautiful! You are a genius! What a lovely theme.. Oh and "There's a monster at the end of this book" is still my favourite seasame street book!

  15. It all looks great - I ove the robots:) you have pulled it all together well.

  16. It looks amazing vic, good job!!
    Love all that robot goodness, but most of all I just love the ones you painted holy moly.
    When can I commission you to create a cute little girl robot, for kittyrobot? ;) hehe! It could work out well...?


  17. Great room! You're a bit of a decorating genius and oh so thrifty. Best wishes for the coming days and weeks.

  18. Perfect for the new little baby-bot!

  19. best. nursery. ever!
    new bebe will feel right at home :D

  20. WOW!!! You have done such an awesome job!! I love the robot theme and I dont even mind the green walls, kinda like a 'robot eye view' or looking out from inside a green marshmallow. Or not. I think I'll go to bed now.

  21. wow! everything looks amazing Vic!
    well done & love your framed illustrations.
    how exciting ♥

  22. Beyond gorgeous, Vic! And those Mama-drawn bots are amazing!

  23. The room looks gorgeous ... taste is so much more important than money. PS It made me laugh when you said the room wasn't expensive to put together ... the expensive addition to the nursery hasn't arrived yet! LOL
    My Creative Space

  24. Awesome :-)

    Such a wonderful job you have done and all on a shoe string. It looks totally fabulous.

  25. Wowsers, Vic. Awesome. Esp those mama-drawn bots!

  26. I hope you realise how simply stunning this is! Just gorgeous! You have such talent!

  27. how did I miss this?
    Too cool..lucky bubba! :D


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