Ask and thou shall receive…

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t remember, before my robot kick, ever seeing anything to do with robots at the oppy, yet in the last 3 weeks, four robot softies have presented themselves to me.


Meet Mr Bot & his buddy K-9, who were waiting at an oppy a little further-afield yesterday…


  1. Oh, Vic, you have some amazing op shopping powers! What a lucky baby (love the nursery too!)

  2. The universe agrees with your kick arse choices obviously!

  3. Oh My God Vic, you are the op shopping god.
    HOW good are these guys? Oh my goodness, and soo what you need right now ! xo

  4. You might be interested this show then: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/littlerobots/ my son (now six) loved it as a toddler. Your bot is "Sporty" (voice by Lenny Henry) and the doggy is "Messy". There are a host of other characters for you to seek out on your opping adventures! Have fun!

  5. Cheers Pippa - I thought they might be characters, damn they're cute though!

    Jess, well, do I though...? Obsessed much?! lol

    crzylady - Obviously!

    Catherine - ...if only I could use my powers for evil *mwahahahahaaaa* ;)

  6. AW how cool are they!! look really good condition too! Its amazing how many things come our way when we send out positive focussed energy :)

  7. So cute, I am lovin' all your robot finds and projects...

  8. Knew I recognised them from somewhere..Little Robots is indeed an ace show my boys loved it, still do when they show it on the ABC.
    They are is super good condition what a find! Lucky little boy is going to have a lot of fun chewing on them :-)

  9. Little Robots was ace... we still have the video somewhere. Hmm, mabe Stripey came from us!...I sent Alex's Stripey to the oppy not long ago...hope he's found a happy home like yours.


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