More Blogtoberfest Thievery…

…I keep stealing people’s good ideas for Blogtoberfest posts, I can’t help it… I have to break up the baby-stuff posts somehow!

This idea is from Margaret at Konstant Kaos;

What would be the first song that would appear in iTunes (or any other music browser) if you pressed random or shuffle?

I’d love to know what comes up for you too – if you dare, & do listen to this song, it’s all seven kinds of awesome.


  1. I LOVE the Raconteurs! Great tune!...I'd need to get an i-pod first before I cold tell you what would come up on my shuffle :)....I'm so behind on the technology front!! :)

  2. ...hows about you spread all your Cds out on the floor, track list side up, spin around in a circle & land your finger on one? Then pretend you just got an iPod. You don't want people thinking you do that sort of thing... ;)

  3. Hehe. I dug this idea. I have borrowed it, hope you don't mind! :oP

  4. I just checked on Itunes and it's this...

    Sad and lovely music for girls to mope to.

  5. Ooh hey! You wanna do a mixed tape swap? Wait, do you have the technology? DO I? There must be a way in this crazy modern world to share music with one another!!!!

  6. think i mayyyy have to steal this idea for tomorrow...

  7. Ahahahaha; thieving all-round... I love it! ;)


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