How was it for you?


I can honestly say I’m glad it’s over for another year, I didn’t miss a day, but it wasn’t easy!

Did you have fun? How did you find posting every day? Are you going to keep it up?

I am going to luxuriate in the fact that I don’t HAVE to post tomorrow, but I can if I want to.


Cheers to Cath for having us all around, & to Cam for keeping all the giveaway goodies in her spare room


  1. ah, what a relief - I found Blogtober fun overall, but a bit hard some days... though now it's finished, new post ideas are popping into my head.... best wishes to you and your family for November xx

  2. I managed to miss another year due to commitments keeping me away from home for about 2 weeks of October. But hey- now you can go happily into labour with that commitment out of the way ;)

  3. I found it easy. I always had a few posts scheduled in advance which gave me time (and no pressure) to snap photos and think up ideas for new posts.

    I am glad it only goes for a month as I think it would be hard to keep up for longer.

    I loved finding some new great blogs to read too.

  4. I love that doors song :)

    I didn't do blogtober, but I really enjoyed reading everyones posts.

  5. Well done - a huge achievement:) I missed two days - not bad me thinks:)
    I had hoped to get around to all of the blogs - but that did not happen.

  6. Funny, the last two days I flunked and this past week I struggled to think of anything to blog! but today I thought about 4 seperate topics lol. I dont htink I will be a daily blogger but was fun to give it a go!

  7. haha great choice of song, I have to admit I didn't blog everyday but I tried!


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