Happy Mail!

I have been absurdly slack in posting pictures of my happy mail lately, but a teeny weenie parcel in in the mail box yesterday made me realise that if I didn’t get to it soon (…and I wanted to, because happy mail is one of my favourite things, and you might like some too…), I’d get too overwhelmed & not bother… So, here is a lovely assortment of things that have graced my mailbox recently….


Yesterday’s arrival – a pair of rainbow hair clippies from Sticharooney – you may recognise them – they are our second pair, the first being somewhere where I don’t know where they are… (Note to self, make hair clip holder, and SOON!)


A gorgeous wee girlie brooch from My Poppet.


My ‘Here Comes The Sun’ swap surprise from Steph… a MAGNIFICENT (& frikkin HUGE – so big I can’t even fit the whole thing in a photo…) cloth hopscotch set…! It is amazing – I was in shock when I opened it, quite frankly.


Um… what to call these…?! I was going to say ‘rocket balls’… but, that wouldn’t be right, would it…?! *coughs*

Space-themed soft fabric ball set from Etsy. I ordered them a few weeks ago when The Boy bribed me with some pocket money if I didn’t whinge about him working on his day off… Robots & space go hand in hand, me thinks.


Speaking of robots…. look what Cath made for me! I mean… for bubba#2. Two gorgeous, chunky chooky robot rattles! Tres special or what?!

And that, my dears, is all of my marvellous mail of late. You might think our postie needs a thank you note or something, but it all arrived with decent intervals over several weeks. Really!


  1. You've got a lot of lovely goodies there - love the rainbow clips! It looks like the robot theme is really coming together too.

  2. I so need to do the same too ... I've had some gorgeous mail in the last month.

    A great idea for a post for Blogtoberfest.

    My blog

  3. That certainly is some great and happy mail!
    Love, love, love Cath's rattles. She is one clever chooky.
    Have a happy Saturday.
    ps. Pepper has been speaking and acting like a robot all morning. What's with that?

  4. wow great happy mail Vic! Perfect for this sunny weather that has popped up out of the blue :)

  5. I really want that hopscotch vintage mat! You have got some gorgeous things in the mail lucky girl.

  6. So glad you love them! xxx i have plans for more... one day... soon...

  7. Lots of lovely bits and pieces there - Helen's clips are easily recognisable (my girls are forever losing clips!!)

  8. wow! nice stuff :D

    I <3 the rainbow hairclip :)

  9. so many sweet sweet things, getting special mail is the absolute best!!

  10. Good postal loot! That hopscotch set is fantantic and I love Cath's rattles.

  11. Wow! Lucky you with all that good stuff in the mail :)


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