Little (grotty) Mama.

Ah my Punk is the love of my life you know. She is such a beautiful, joyful, cheeky thing, growing up way too fast. I adore her, I do. She is going to be such a fantastic big sister!


The Boy’s Mum is here – she flew down so we needn’t stress about what to do with Punkerella when we have to go to hospital – & she bought Punk a baby of her own, a little cabbage patch newborn. Her name is Leila, according to her birth certificate; that’s a lovely name, I don’t mind it at all, her middle name though, apparently, is Mercedes. We’re not talking about that. I’m glad Punky can’t read.


Anywho, since I’m nappy-mad right now, I thought I’d make some for little Leila – they are pretty bloody shoddy, I must admit, I won’t be putting any nappy makers out of business any time soon – but Punky likes them. I also made her a changing mat & a baby sling, which she put on before continuing about her business, albeit covered in chocolate paddle pop… hmmm… just like a regular Mama…



  1. Those nappies are fabulous! lvoe them!
    Great idea to get her her own baby. I like the name Leila too. x

  2. awww - she is cute. Love the name and the nappies are great - dont worry I don thtink that leila does real nappy explosions:)

    She is going to make a great big sister.

  3. My son (almost 4) just saw your daughter's photos and he now wants to go and visit her. I think you've got an admirer there (hopefully, he won't find his way around the computer to be a stalker just yet).

  4. Very cute Vic, she looks adorable. When my little brother was born I use to put him in my baby pram and push him around.

  5. Super cute!! Is she breastfeeding in the first one or just really squeezy hugs? Love the little sling too


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