…and so it begins.


Blogtoberfest 2010. A whole month of posting every day, entering all sorts of awesome giveaways with crossed fingers & toes, discovering new blogs & perhaps even welcoming some new readers to my mixed up little piece of blogland.

I have already secured an official early mark should I need it, from Tinniegirl – don’t fancy my chances of posting during or for quite some time after I go into labour if it should happen this month, so that’s a relief.

Curlypops is again the keeper of all that is good & free in the area of bloggy giveaways, & you can still sign up to be part of the festival madness over here.

…and that’s it. Day 1 out of the way, huzzah!


  1. I think that is a good excuse as any to miss a few posts! Can't believe how close to the end it is - lucky robot boy. I am so jealous of all his goodies already!

  2. You're off to a great start. I haven't even managed a post yet today!!!

  3. Gosh Vic, I just signed up. Eeek!
    Oooh, bubby is that close? excitement!!

  4. I'm excited about this. It should be fun! Congrats on the upcoming wee one.

  5. And what is wrong with blogging in the labour room mayI ask? Cherrie

  6. What a lovely reason to miss a few posts! It's my first year at Blogtoberfest, doing the tour of some lovely new blogs! *waves*

  7. Good luck with Blogtoberfest!! I hope you're feeling better soon (^_^)


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