You’re going to have to excuse any sniffles, snuffles or honking big sobs that might come up during this post because I’m feeling a little bit emotional…


This is Boris. Boris is bright yellow, all kinds of fuzzy & likes custard tarts. He arrived yesterday & has been checking out his new home ever since.

Boris was a surprise. A big, beautiful surprise from Jess. I love him. He made me cry. Jess made me cry. Bloody Jess.

*deep breaths*

Truth be told, I think I was tearing up before I even opened the beautiful package. I saw it’s loveliness & saw that it was from Jess & knew that she had done something special. Damn her.


Then I opened the parcel & there were gorgeous little bears, bunnies & lambs peeping out at me.


Then I opened another sweet package & there was Boris.

I cried.

I did.

Because I could FEEL the love peeps. I’m not being a sentimental pregnant lady… or, I’m not JUST being a sentimental pregnant lady, but he is special. He has heart. Character. Wonk.

How Jess manages to get such a result from some yarn, beads & stuffing I have no idea. She puts herself into them. She puts her affection into them, she cares about them, & each & every one is a beautifully unique creation, a teddy to be adored.


I don’t think I can accurately describe the warm vibe I get from him – especially when I hold him – which he’s made for, quite frankly, with his sturdy little body & tactile fuzz.

I was also a bit in shock, because just yesterday I noticed a member of Boris’ family – Kermit, in Jess’s etsy store, and thought about getting him. I love his big pancake head…


…and then, here in front of me all of a sudden is his big brother. Super cute & YELLOW. W. O. W.

I feel so special. I feel so lucky. I feel unworthy yet so grateful & I feel that Bubba#2 is going to have to share Mr Boris with me, because I do love him.


Thank you Jess, even though thank you isn’t enough. You’re awful & you know it. (…& I KNOW you’ll be mortified by this wee love fest but you made me cry. People need to know you’re a menace, & beware… This is actually a public service announcement…. xoxoxo)



  1. Yes, that Jess is a real menace... Boris looks so happy about arriving at his new place though, I think she knew that's where he belonged!

  2. Boris looks absolutely adorable. Her cards are gorgeous too.

  3. I love Boris and his sun-shiny yellowness. God he's cute. Cry to your hearts content my dear. Much easier to go with it than try to fight it off...pregnancy and tears are one of the same! Happy tears are even better. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Oh I completely understand! I've cried over the mail just about every day this week... Boris is so lovely though, most certainly worth a few days tears.

  5. awwww, making me a little dewey eyed! What a stunning bunch of loves disguised as gifts

  6. awww, you are a blubbering mess!!
    little Boris & fabulous Jess are just A M A Z I N G!!
    i can just go on & on about how sweet Miss Jess is, she definitely is.
    hope this week is a good one for you, definitely an emotional one I suspect.
    make sure you put little Boris in your hospital bag ♥
    all the best Ms Vic ♥

  7. Menace to society indeed!

    Love Jess' work. Don't you just love what she has written on the little swing tag? She brought tears to my eyes as well....and I don't even have the old pregnancy hormones raging either!

  8. OHHHH! It's so, so, soooooo cutly-cutly-cuuuute, in an oh-so-littly-little naive way.

    I love it.

  9. That Jess certainly is one special gal!
    LOVE Boris!
    I reckon Arnold will too.
    Hey if you still don't wanna call him Arnold, maybe the boy would agree to naming him after the bear. Baby Boris! Punky & Boris & Me! Just rolls off the tongue.

  10. NOW WE are totally even!!!
    Now I'm the blubbering mess.
    VIC really it is TOO MUCH!! You are too much.
    thank you for such a beautiful post.
    you are the MENACE xoxo

  11. Oh my, he's adorable. I can understand why you felt all emotional, I feel it just seeing the wee pics of Boris. Lucky you and lucky Bubba #2


  12. I know Jess would be thrilled to bits over the way you described her bears and the love that goes in. It has to, when you make a toy for a baby, maybe a baby you have never met, maybe a baby for someone you have never met, a little bit of love does go into each little stitch because you know that someones most prescious child will be loving your softie, that it will make them smile. What is more imporant than making something to comfort a child? To have them squeeze and smile over something you have made, well, there is nothing better.
    Big love Vic. xxx


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