I’m a bad granddaughter.

Not only did I totally forget it was my Gran’s birthday today until an Aunt inadvertently reminded me by text message – but I don’t have any moolah to get her anything – and by anything I mean flowers, because quite honestly she already has at least five of every object ever made crammed into every nook & cranny of her house…

So what do I do?


Sew up an oven mitt & a pot holder, perhaps the crappest present ever. But she’ll be nice about it. She has to be. She’s my Nanna!


  1. Them's some awesome looking pot holders. Plan B could've been to pick flowers from her own garden to give to her :)My nan was forever chasing me out of the garden with a bamboo tomato stake trying to keep me out of her roses. (she never caught me, I am pretty sure she never really tried)
    Happy Birthday to your Gran!

  2. This seems to include flowers, no? And anyone knows that oven mitts need replacing because they always get burnt and stained so it looks like a useful, pretty gift to me. Cherrie

  3. hey thats not a crappy pressie at all! I have never had an oven mit OR a pot holder ;) Hope your Nana likes it. We say Nana in our family too, I always thought it sounded wierd when I heard grandma being used lol

  4. They look fab, I'd be very happy to have them in my home!

  5. Well it would be terribly un-Nannalike of her not to just love a piece of your handcrafted goodness. My grandmother kept a polished stone that I glued googly eyes and a beak onto for years, oh, it was an owl incase you were wondering.

  6. Bad Granddaughter? I would say very good nice talented potholder making granddaughter. xo

  7. I think that is a fabulous present! :)

    Reading the comments re: using Nana v Grandma - I always used Nana for my Mum's Mum, and Grandma for my Dad's Mum. No idea if I came up with that or my Mum did, but it worked. heh :)

  8. You are preggars- the best "i forget" excuse ever!!

  9. They are really spunky oven mitts. What wouldn't a gran love about them?

  10. Now Nana gets to have flowers from her granddaughter everyday :-)

    Pot holders and oven mitts never go astray (unless you make them every year!) and Nana is bound to be pleased no matter what because ultimately you thought of her and spent some of your time making something specially for her.

  11. Thanks peeps - I do believe she was decidedly underwhelmed, but she'd never admit it... ;)

    She got Punky kisses & cuddles so that made up for it, I'm sure!


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