Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

…if she doesn’t, she certainly should, look what arrived for her yesterday from Little Thing, via a competition on the awesome Kid Independent site.


Two beautiful tunic dresses handmade in Mexico from their Mamacita collection – the obvious favourite is hot pink – it needed to be worn immediately, but the natural one has also been fondled & cooed over in true fashionista style.


As if that weren’t enough luck for a wee little Punk, I found out yesterday afternoon that we had also won an adorable handmade doll from Little People Clothing, again through Kid Independent & The Project Underpants drive – wow!


I have asked for the doll to be sent straight to Mikes for Softies for Mirabel (Don’t tell The Punk!)– As much as I hope to make a softie myself again this year, I have to be realistic & admit that I just might not, so knowing that we kinda sorta contributed some handmade softie love already will make me feel better.

*Note for anybody interested, I didn’t get around to much yesterday except painting (badly) a bookshelf. It is blue instead of white & has bugs stuck to it. It almost caused a major-mama tanty & really should have been left for another day. That’s all I’m saying.


  1. Those tops are amazing! Love the pink one, I can see why that was the first one on. I hope things go a little better today.

  2. Gorgeous tops. You're certainly are lucky :)

  3. Oh those tops are just gorgeous - she looks so cute. Its at times like these I lament that there is no equivalent for little boys!!

  4. Lucky lucky Punky!!! *jeaous!*
    Pink is her colour :D

  5. Lucky girl, she looks gorgeous in pink!

  6. Ooh, love the tunics, want one for myself I do!
    Sorry about the painting debacle, it happens. I started a quilt yesterday and you'd think I'd never done it before. I did have a little fit about it but, no one saw.

  7. Ohh , i lveo those tops. The first thing I bought on etsy was one of those in Blue for Busy, she also has a wite one. I have 3 of these of my own and they are my favourite of dresses- love them.
    Punkyy looks so pretty!

  8. I love those Mexican dresses. I had a few in my younger years....ya know growing up in Texas and stuff...they were common, not common = bad, just available since we were so close to Mexico. :)

  9. The dresses are gorgeous, do they make them in adult size! Punk looks so lovely in the pink one.

  10. Lucky you - got to be in it to win it I guess :) I get the emails and never enter:)

    How cute does she look in hot pink.

  11. how awesome are those dresses, i was just checking them out the other day, they even have one for adults :)

  12. They are both beautiful pieces of work. Lovely outfits to have for the summer.

  13. I love love love those dresses. I had something similar when I was growing up. Once i grew out of it, it became a dolls dress.... until my mum gave it to a friend (that was a sad day).

    Punk looks adorable!!!


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