Look what arrived for me yesterday….


A fabulous more-than-just-a-cookbook from Amy

…wrapped in…



As if I weren’t already stoked enough to have won a copy – it’s little touches like that that melt my cold stone heart & make me adore blogland & it’s lovely bloggers anew.


AND there was even a personal recipe recommendation; chocolate mousse… mmmmmm….. chocolate….. Huh? Oh. Yes. Sorry.

Read all about this beautiful book over here – there is SO much packed into this sturdy little book that I think I’m going to need some time to get through it all, but get through it I will for it’s right up my alley. Thankies Amy – I LOVE IT!!

What sort of thing has been gracing your snail-mail-box lately? Prizes? Presents? Hideous little letters with nasty plastic windows…??


  1. Hideous envelopes with little plastic windows, medical mumbo jumbo, coupons for things I would never ever buy. If you hear a loud 'Harumph!' that would be me.

    Oh but I am absolutely thrilled to peaches for you and your very clever looking book!

  2. that book looks great! I'm going to see if I can hunt one down for myself. As for my mailbox, sadly it is the latter (although those security envelopes do make pretty garlands when cut up!)

  3. how cool! I read her interview in the paper last week, it looks an interesting read :)

  4. Oh Lola... one day I will be able to help with that poor mail situation... I have decided to do something else with your sumpin sumpin while I am sitting here stewing though, so it still won't be for a while....! ;)

    A Life So Peachy - I must see these garlands of which you speak...!

    Rebecca - You'd love it, I think!

  5. stone cold heart my bum- as if! yay for robot paper and blog giveaways!! x

  6. How lovely! Love the book AND the robot paper!

    Best thing in snail mail for me in recent weeks was a prize I won from Penguin books, a book - Monica McInerney's latest,yay!

  7. You are welcome. I'm so glad it's gone to a home that appreciates it! Couldn't resist wrapping it in robot paper!

    Have a good night's sleep - as one does with an enormous belly. Might I just say - hope you don't have to pee too many times tonight!

    xx A

  8. My letterbox had a lovely surprise - inside was some fabric and a pattern - it makes a lovely change from other unpleasantness.

  9. You are a very lucky girl to win such a lovely gift. Enjoy!!!

  10. at first glance I thought it was the fabric, but its paper.. so my offer still stands (it's similar to that paper)

  11. Yes, well, one little gas bill (well, not so little gas bill) means that my nice parcels are few and far between at the moment. Howeve I am expecting a book with the words "vintage" and "knitting" in the title so I am quite excited about that!


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