The Quilt That Blogs Built.


I am so chuffed. Happy. Proud. Excited. Glad…. any nice adjective you can think of, insert it here, because I FINISHED THE QUILT.


I had been putting it off. And putting it off. The whole idea left me very unenthusiastic. I thought “Gah, it’s going to take ages…. I haven’t even cut the squares….” & any time I walked past the fabric I would think about starting & then talk myself out of it… I didn’t really WANT to make a quilt you see, I just wanted a roboty one, so I NEEDED to make it. There is such a huge difference between need & want for me when it comes to making, it’s okay if I want it AND need it, but if I just need it…. meh.


Anywho, yesterday afternoon I finally bit the bullet & decided if nothing else I’d cut out the damn squares…. but then…. when the squares were cut, it wasn’t that hard to sew some together… to press, to cut a backing….


Why is this the quilt that blogs built? Because I would never, NEVER, have made it if I didn’t blog. If I didn’t whinge about wanting a quilt but not wanting to make it; if Deb didn’t read that post & encourage me by not only commenting but also MAKING US A QUILT, putting together some easy instructions & answering my questioning emails beautifully.


About the quilt itself; so easy it was embarrassing. Having finished it in a matter of hours I can’t believe I put it off for so long… the top fabrics were from etsy, the red backing is an old sheet I had in my sewing stash & the wadding is actually a baby quilt of Miss Punk’s that I only bought in the first place because it was on clearance & I thought there was some sort of rule about having matchy matchy cutesy baby crap in the nursery (that never happened mind you, and the dodgey beige-ish thing stood out like a sore thumb…). The finished product is SO soft & squishy, I have to stop myself from carrying it around & patting it constantly.

The moral of the story? You don’t have to be a quilter to make a quilt, but it helps if you’re a blogger. Also; “Just Do It”!


  1. That looks excellent Vic! I aquired a sewing machine yesterday so maybe I will get it out and get busy!

  2. Congratulations and well done!! It looks gorgeous. Be careful you don't get the Quilting bug now.

  3. : ) Your observations on crafting are very funny.

    Unfortunately, today, my first cute quilt will be staying in the "need" pile, under the "want + need" pile which sits under a stack of "want, need and verbally committed on blog" pile.

    It's a cute quilt, I'd be cuddling it all day too!

  4. yay you!! well done.
    I definitely get it, if it wasn't for blogging I would never have bought a little ol' sewing machine & would never have learnt the things I have without this wonderful blogging community.
    mighty cute quilt...you rock Ms Vic ♥

  5. Vic, it is so awesome, you have inspired me hugely, so did you put little french knots or stitches in the corners of all the squares so it all stays together?

  6. well done!
    Love the colours. Little Bub will love it, it's so great to for bubbies to have handmade things :D

    The blogging world sure does help, so many friendly, helpful and inspiring people!

  7. Fanfreakingtastic! I knew you could do it, and I knew it would rock!
    You are awesome Mama!

  8. It's super gorgeous Vic!
    Now you're gonna make me want to cut up squares just so that I can sew them back together again.

  9. Wow, its so beautiful! I love the fabrics you have chosen to make it with.

  10. Ah you are so awesome! I'm so proud I could cry!!!! good on you, its fantastic :) Hurray

  11. Cool Mrs. Maher!

    The fabrics match perfectly, and the quilt looks robotish without having an actual robot on every square, and therefore without being overwhelming.

    Very well done, really! It's simple, isn't it?

    ... I think Le Punk deserves a made-by-"Muddy"-quilt for herself, doesn't she? :)

    OH, and I didn't know you had "Punky & Me"-LABELS! Very nice.

    P.S.: I've made something for you-hou and bubba#2, oh yeah *sing* :).

  12. So exciting! And your snazzy label makes the whole thing look soooo finished! Hooray for anti-procrastination...

  13. COOL QUILT!!
    Congrats on the achievement :)

  14. Oh VIc! BRAVO!!! WOOHOO for you! You should be proud too, not only would I feel the same if I ever made a quilt as you, but it's absolutely totally awesome!!

  15. It looks so wonderful. Well done.

  16. Go Vic! Serioulsy good quilt you have there. Just what the little man needs :-)

  17. Congratulations, Vic.....the sewing bug strikes again...I hope you realise there isn't a remedy...lol... The quilt looks great :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  18. well done, so satisfying to finish a quilt.. I bet this is the start on something big, maybe?

  19. Thats so cool! I have also done many things that I would have otherwise put off simply for the sake of a blog post lol I love little quilts like yours, I made one for my daughter a few years ago and I think I loved it more than she did! I have been thinking of making another one soon.

  20. well done! and it look fantastic, love the fabrics
    blogging certainly makes you accountable and is a great motivator

  21. Vic good on you and well done! Love the fabrics and it will go with your big painted robot nicely.

    Now little punk will be wanting one too ;-)

  22. It looks great - you're very talented!!!

  23. I love the fabrics you've chosen! It looks great.

    ~ Jennifer

  24. these is a beautiful quilt! awesome job. you inspire me to learn to quilt, myself. hearts <3


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