Free Music!

Ha! That got your attention, didn’t it? Everybody loves free stuff!

You may have heard of last.fm, it’s pretty cool, I like it, but did you know (because I didn’t) that they also have a whole heap of free mp3 dowloads?

…one of the freebies I came across last night was this one; Suprise Hotel by Fool’s Gold – not usually my style but I was bopping along almost against my will – plus I was thirsty when I looked it up on YouTube & was mesmerised by the soft drink fight! It’s a pretty cute clip – you just might want to look away when the old dudes wander past with no pants on….


  1. So, so pleased for the nudey old dudes heads up!

  2. Very catchy tune. Best bit about the drink fight is that it would taste sooo much better than a plain old water fight but you would have to have a good shower after due to the stickies :-)

  3. Groovy music!

    The old dudes had all their 'bits' covered, so it wasn't too bad (except for one possible moment in the pool that I certainly didn't want to go back and check!!!)

    The whole clip reminded me of how much I'm looking forward to some lovely weather and getting to the beach a couple of times.

    Free music has to be good! Thanks for the link.

    Linda. xox


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