…this is a total cheater’s post – purely for blogtoberfest purposes, in case I don’t get back here later today with something more interesting.


We’re 23 days down people.

Does anybody else feel like once this month is over, they’re not going to have anything to post about, like, ever again?!


  1. Hehe... Home stretch now. Just between you and me, I reckon there will be plenty to blog about come November ;)

  2. hmm, think you better get as much sleep in as you can mama. xx
    (cute pics yesterday btw. Nice to see daddy Punk)

  3. I'm totally with you! I've nothing to post about because I'm spending all my time composing blog posts rather than creating!! Bring on November and no pressure.

  4. Almost the home stretch now! I almost signed up but, just knew it wasn't going to happen. Though I have posted more than usual this month, hmmmm....

  5. All you will have to do is post a picture of cute little ABBA (anything but bloody Arnold)and robot-land and you'll keep your stalkers...erm... followers happy.

  6. uuuhhuh! I have been racking my brains on what tonight and I think its going to be a boring one.

  7. Totally! But I know that in a few weeks I will at least have some more projects to share lol

  8. yes! i feel like...but it has been fun AND a definite challenge! :)


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