Not Just A Pretty Face.

This is my friend Lara & her two beautiful boys.


I say “friend” because even though we’ve never met in person, I’ve actually known her longer than I have known my favourite person in the world; Miss Punk! Lara & I connected on a baby & pregnancy forum when we were both pregnant, she with her second son & I with Le Punk & my only regret about that is that she doesn’t live around the corner from me (I’m sure she doesn’t regret that though – cold, drizzly south-west Victoria, or sunny everyday Brisvegas….?! Hard decision…).

Lara is a vegan warrior, super-Mum & sassy business woman – she is one of those WAHMs I told you about the other day, churning out adorable Modern Cloth Nappies for all, starting with her own kids, even though she’s close to popping with bubba#3. I know that can’t be easy, in fact, I know EXACTLY how hard it would be – we’re due on the same day!


I thought I’d give lovely Lara & her nappy business – Extremely Nappies – a shout out today for two reasons, the first being that this lovely piece of fluff, my first new piece of fluffy mail, turned up on the doorstep yesterday.


Can you see what that fabric is peeps?!

…and look who she addressed the envelope to;


…cheeky! So not-Arnold has the first of his very own MCN stash thanks to Lara. For reasons best known to her, she agreed to make this for me in exchange for some original art/illustration for her soon-to-arrive third born. I think she’s getting a raw deal, but hey… I’ve got a funky robot nappy!

The second reason I wanted to post about Lara is that she is supporting a fantastic initiative I only recently discovered called My Green Nappy.

I think this is absolutely brilliant, from the website;

My Green Nappy is a simple environmental initiative encouraging all families to have one green nappy for their baby to wear.

One will make a difference.
Every time it is worn, a single use disposable is kept out of landfill.

It’s Simple: Start with ONE!

Simple yet profound! How did nobody think of this before?! Everyone, EVERYONE, no matter how pro-the-perceived-ease-of-disposables they are, could handle using & reusing one cloth nappy, every little bit helps & surely just giving it a go would lead to new perceptions & behaviours… it’s win-win, really.

Quite apart from the wonderful idea, My Green Nappy is running a giveaway called The 100 Green Promise Nappies Initiative; where you can play along to WIN one of 100 green nappies generously donated by sponsors, one of whom is indeed Lara (her lovely contribution below). Go here for more details & to register.


So, I urge any of my cloth-nappying readers to check out Lara’s gorgeous nappies, & any of my disposable-using readers to really have a think about just ONE green nappy. For the rest of you, you can all admire her pretty face.


  1. It's agreat idea but I am still stuck on the washing problem. Obviously you can's soak them so is it just a hot wash and dare I ask, do these come with blastic pants (hiding face shamefully but I always used them because my kids didn't suffer from a lot of nappy rash). Past a mother and not yet a gran. Cherrie

  2. You can soak them in certain things Cherrie - just not the traditional harsh nappy treatments, and you can cold/hot/warm wash - whatever you want & sun dry. There is something called a 'strip wash' which you do occasionally to get rid of detergent build up which makes the nappies less absorbant - that's in hot water, but it's infrequent. As for covers, popular choices are fleece, wool & PUL which is a water-proof yet breathable fabric. :)

  3. I have several friends known strictly through the web and met the same way from my pregnancy with Shay.

    These are just too cute and the robots are awesome!!! Your friends rocks...

  4. Thanks for the link to your friend's shop. Pocket nappies are what I use and they can be hard to find! When it comes time to top up my nappy stash I'll definitely be contacting your mate.

  5. Hmmmm...you'd think someone was gonna have a baby 'round here.
    I have found that white vinegar in the wash or rinse is a good natural nappy sanitizer.
    She makes awesome nappy covers that lady, love the robots!

  6. Love MCN's I still have a stash I cant bring myself to get rid of because they are so cute. Love the little robot one she made for you.

  7. Oh NO!!!!!!! I wanted to make you something for bubba#2 out of the exact same fabric! DARNNNN!!!!! :(

  8. You know you've made it when your site gets a plug on Punky&Me - thanks Vic!!!!! Now, if i'm inundated with orders and end up sewing between contractions, i'll blame you.


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