International Talk Like A Robot Day.

(I dare you not to laugh at this song… I dare you. Especially the binary solo…)

I read somewhere that today (a very computer-y ‘101010’) is International Talk Like a Robot Day, & I have to say, I don’t need to know it’s true to be excited. Or should I say;


Hello. I am robot. *whir* Today. You can. Talk. *beep* Like. A. Robot. Too.


Or, if that is just too much effort, why don’t you make your computer talk like a robot instead…?!


Still feeling rubbish, but whatever, we’re off out & about today if it kills me. Punk seems to be full of energy this morning though (due to her absurdly healthy fruit-fuelled wee body I imagine, not the slow-chocolate-burning beast I have…), so at least she won’t be whinging about being dragged around.


Back on the robot-theme (…& when aren’t we, lately?), I painted that coat rack thingy I got at Le Oppy a few weeks ago – it’s stoopid hard to photograph due to the early hour & it’s long shape, but I’m living on the edge here. I’m wild & crazy & I do what I want. Word. *beep*



  1. Hope you have a great day, it's supposed to be toasty warm I'm hoping to get out into it myself at some point.

    Lucky baby boy to have such a clever Mum making ace robot stuff for him :-)

  2. That coat rack is fantastic! Bubba#2 is going to have one rockin' room there :)

    And if it's Talk Like A Robot Day then I have to share this t-shirt slogan with you:

    There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't.

    ha. ha.
    enjoy the festival!

  3. that robot rack is so friggin ace I can tell you how good i think it is!!

  4. That is fanbloodytastic!
    Ever thought of selling prints of your artwork?

  5. the thing that tipped me over the edge was lick my battery! HA hope the fair is good!
    the coat rack does look great!

  6. Just love the Conchords!!! Fav line...."I poked him, he is dead"
    I am sure Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would love "robot day"..
    Check out the little robot minion I made over at my blog , you robot rack is fantastic

  7. Oh I do love Flight of the Conchords!

  8. I just snorted my coffee out of my nose, I love your description of Punky's fruit fueled body & your chocolate slow burning beast.

    The hooks look great.

  9. Well I'll be Old Chap, I think that robot coat rack is simply smashing. Hurrah.

  10. AWESOMEness! i absolutely love robots and the flight on the conchords :) and your artwork is brilliant!

  11. gotta love a bit of binary solo!


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