I blame Kate.

A few days ago Kate blogged about the amount of emails in her inbox & how she can feel overwhelmed by them so she was embarking on ‘operation empty inbox’ or some such.

She asked how many emails we currently had languishing in our virtual mailboxes… & I am ashamed to say I had close to five thousand. Seriously. Is it my hoarding nature crossing over into the digital realm…? I don’t know, but I thought perhaps I’d do some tidying up.

Untitled-1 copy

After browsing through about a hundred messages & moving or replying to any that needed moving or replying to, I got over the whole thing & deleted the lot. That’s when I started to panic. Deleter’s remorse! What if there was something crucial in there… some important email I’d forgotten I meant to save, sandwiched between an eBay outbid notice & a blog comment from last August?!

I emailed Kate immediately & basically relinquished myself of all blame. “It’s all your fault” I whinged, & I warned her that I will be blaming her indiscriminately if & when I am horribly caught out. I mean… I even deleted the ones about how I have won the British lotto AND the ones pertaining to my dead European relatives leaving me millions of Euros if only I can pay the transfer fees….

(I know that picture says there is 18 in there… it’s creeping up again…)

Anywho… if you’ve asked me something & I haven’t replied, in the first instance, well, I’m lazy. In the second instance, I’m forgetful & in the third…?

It’s all Kate’s fault.


  1. Well done for purging all those emails!

  2. Don't worry, Vic. I am brutal with deleting emails! Sometimes to the detriment of myself. Luckily the stupid bloody things are synced across my Macbook, my iPhone and online, so I can normally dredge up something that I deleted. There's no escape!

  3. Deep breath, all will be alright!
    Wait, you won the Lotto too!

  4. Holey moley!!
    Let's just call it nesting shall we. What a lovely clean email environment to be bringing home baby Arnold into.
    I've got goose bumps on my arms and to be honest I'm not sure I can cope with all the 'what if' scenarios that are popping into my head.

  5. hilarious!!
    I have considered doing that many a time but have chickened out.
    don't worry, the lotto will still unfortunately find you & so will the president of some african country to ask if you can rescue their millions.
    it's ok...deep breaths..it's all good.

  6. You will be fine, I will share my lotto win, i win all the time!!!

    I, am a serial deleter, as I am not a hoarder at all, like so many of you, I have numerous folders where I put the important ones but the rest are deleted. When i get them if they need a reply I put a star next to them- like you can on gmail. I have about 200 still but i regulalry delete them, I would not cope with having 2000 the very idea amkes me feel so overwelmed with anxiety I cannot cope.
    Good on you i say. x

  7. You and me both! I've doing the same thing, feeling rather ashamed of my inbox, averages around 3000.
    It really is all Kate's fault because before I could just ignore it. DAMN Her
    PS what's your address?

  8. :) LOL you are so funny:) Glad that you have someone to blame:)

  9. Hahaha know the feeling. I've been known to shove a whole lot of stuff into my deleted box, but then recently my deleted box failed catatrophically three times and I lost them all!! Still it's such a good excuse :)

  10. haha love it!! Good for you, 5000 is a LOT! I dont feel so bad :)

  11. Funny! Loving the major deleting..how liberating! And you get to blame someone else too, very clever ox


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